Warning! This is one of the Oddball Methods I've found that works once in a while in special circumstances. Don't depend on it to work every time, but then what does at the track? Or in life for that matter...

Ah spring! When a young man's fancy and a greyhound's instincts are focused on pretty much the same thing. Call it love, if you like, but we'd have to admit that it's pretty powerful stuff. Male racing greyhounds are just as likely to want to chase a likely-looking female dog as young men are likely to follow that pretty girl who just walked by and gave them the eye. But how can we use this to win money at the track?

I've used this method several times at every track I've been to in the spring. I look for a race with only one female in it. They happen. Not often, but every once in a while, the "luck of the draw" sets one up. Then I look to see if there's a young male dog in the same race. If there is, I look at the oldest male in the race and see if I think he has a shot at keeping up with the other two dogs.

What usually happens is the female leads the pack, followed by the young male, who's trying like crazy to catch her, followed by the oldest male who sometimes passes one or both of them right near the wire, if he has the late kick to do it. Of course, it doesn't always work out this way. Sometimes the female stays second all the way around the track and sometimes she gets passed by one of the two male dogs at the end.

Sometimes, the young male manages to pass the female - maybe trying to impress her, I don't know - and he wins for fun. Sometimes, unfortunately, the young male just about attacks the female and knocks her and himself (and maybe a few other dogs) out of the race. Usually though, older females won't put up with a young male getting in her way. They'll do whatever they have to do to avoid them.

So, if you like oddball bets - I do once in a while - and you see this scenario, play it. I like a quiniela with the female and the youngest male and the oldest dog, but you can play several different bets with this setup. Just playing the female to Win and Place would be a good bet.

Like I always say, sometimes, you have to make an odd bet to beat the odds.