About Irish Greyhound Racing

mediaWe've recently added Irish Greyhound racing to the BetAmerica track schedule and wanted to share some key facts about greyhound racing in Ireland, which is a hugely popular sport in the country.  Live racing takes place five hours behind east coast time, and with most racing happening in the evenings in Ireland look out of the live racing appearing on the BetAmerica schedule from approximately 2pm ET every day.  The wagering menu for Irish Greyhound racing tracks looks very similar to what you experience with local greyhound racing, although some of the abbreviations used in the race programs, which we provide free of charge to BetAmerica account holders do differ slightly, please refer to our abbreviations chart below for more information.

mediaDid you know?

  • There are more active greyhound tracks (23 in total) in Ireland than there are in the USA (21 in total), despite the population of Ireland being less than 1/60th of America's!
  • There are only six greyhounds in each race in Ireland, two less than in the USA.
  • The premier race in Ireland, the Irish Greyhound Derby has a total purse of more than $270,000
  • Greyhounds can fly?  In Ireland there are many races ran over hurdles, steeplechasing for dogs!  Don't believe us?  Check out this video of dogs flying in the Irish Grand National.

media Irish Greyhound Jacket Colors

  1. Red with white number
  2. Blue with white number
  3. White with black number
  4. Black with white number
  5. Orange with black number
  6. Black & white horizontal stripes with red number


Irish Greyhound Abbreviations