Greyhound Top 10: March at Palm Beach

Molly Jo Rosen

April 1st, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

Another outstanding month of racing at Palm Beach has finished up! I am excited that the Top 10 has found a new home with BetAmerica. Here are the Top 10 greyhounds for the month of March at “The Beach.”

#1 Rob Gronkowski ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Rader Racing
  • Last month ranking (#1) 5 straight months as the #1 racer here
  • 3 wins this month, 29.01 sec best time (New Track Record for the 545 Yard)
  • 2013 All-America Team Captain (Highest honor for a racing greyhound)
  • 2013 Rural Rube Award Winner
Simply the best greyhound on the planet. “Gronk” wrapped up his Palm Beach season by winning the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Invitational on 3/15. Will be taking his talents to Southland Park, where he should continue his dominance over the competition.

#2 KB's Like A Fox ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing
  • Last month ranking (#6) up four spots from February
  • 4 wins, 16.48 sec best time this month
The season leader for wins with 30 really tore up the Super Sprint course this month. Currently on a 4 race winning streak and has a five race lead in the season win standings.

#3 Bae Sang ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~Rader Racing
  • Last month ranking (2) down one spot from February
  • 3 wins, 16.54 sec best time this month
One of the best super sprinters in the world had an 8 race winning streak ended on 3/15. Co-owns the Super Sprint track record of 16.38 secs with KB’s Like A Fox. Amazing to me that Like a Fox and Bae Sang have never raced each other.

#4 Pat C Dark Ciena ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins Kennel
  • Last month ranking (not ranked). Biggest mover on this list.
  • 5 wins, 29.31 sec best time this month
Dark Ciena has simply burst on the scene in the month of March. Has won 6 out of 7 races and is showing the rare combination of a dynamic rush and a solid close. With Rob Gronkowski now at Southland, this may be your best 545 yard racer here.

#5 CRT Yusef ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Champions Racing Team
  • Last month ranking (not ranked)
  • 4 wins, 29.65 sec best time this month
One of the hottest racers going at Palm Beach. Ended the month by winning 4 of his last 5 races. Now has 20 wins on the season, while hitting the ticket 83% of the time.

#6 Atascocita Golda ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Suncoast Racing
  • Last month ranking (6) Down two spots
  • 1 win, 29.29 sec best time this month
Currently 2nd on the season win list with 26, Golda was a finalist for the St. Patrick’s Day Invite on 3/15 before being a late scratch on race day. One of the best rushes anywhere around and one of the only threats currently to KB’s Like A Fox for the wins championship.

#7 Storm Control ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
  • Last month ranking (not ranked)
  • 3 wins, 29.36 sec best time this month
One of the current favorites to win the Puppy Stakes starting on April 9th.  Has been consistently running well in the top class since mid-January. Would have been higher ranked if he didn’t stumble the last two races.

#8 Ghost Buster ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
  • Last month ranking (not ranked)
  • 2 wins, 37.58 sec best time this month
In a wide open distance here at Palm Beach, this looks to be the best of the bunch currently. Has gone under 38 seconds in 4 of his last 5 races for owner Steve Schlachter.  Was a finalist in the He’s My Man Championship in January and the James W. Paul Derby in February.

#9 Relativity ~545 Yard Racer ~ James E. Douglas Racing
  • Last month ranking (5) down four spots from February
  • 1 win, 29.57 sec best time this month
“Einstein” is fourth on the season win list with 25. Has a dynamic rush but was inconsistent in March with just one win. Looking for this racer to bounce back in April.

#10 Flying Zinc ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing Team
  • Last month ranking (3) down 7 spots
  • 1 win, 37.91 sec best time
The James W. Paul Derby Champ owns the second fastest time ever on the 660 (37.30 sec.) Only one win this month and has youngsters Ghost Buster and Killer Sunshine looking to take over this distance. Should be a very competitive month on the Pat C Rendezvous Course in April.

Honorable Mention: Dewzee, Killer Sunshine, Submariner, San Tan Spangled, Fusileer, Circle Unbroken, Juggernaut, JS SpeedyPebbles, KB’s Royal Roy, Hilco Score, Super C Roxee, Kiowa Carmen, Boc’s Cayenne, Flying Taos, Pat C Blackout, Zonked, Kay Rock Sweet