Greyhound Top 10: May at Palm Beach

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Molly Jo Rosen

June 11th, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

JS Speedypebbles

What a fantastic month of racing Palm Beach just had in the month of May!

Irish Cup Stakes races and superstars at their finest were the main highlights, along with new up and coming greyhounds starting to make their mark at the track.

Here are my Top 10 Rankings for the month of May at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.



#1 KB’s Like A Fox ~ 301 yard Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

-Last month Ranking #3 (up two spots)

-First time as the #1 racer here!

-Season wins leader with 35

Time to give “The Fox” his due. The soon to be season wins champ also has the fastest super sprint time of 16.38 secs ever at Palm Beach (tied with Bae Sang) Finally bested rival Bae Sang on 5/31 in their third ever matchup. One of the top super sprinters in the country without a doubt.

#2 Flying The Who ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing Team

-Last month Ranking #9 (up seven spots, biggest mover on the list)

-37.64 secs best time

The best middle distance racer at Palm Beach. With most of the top competition moving on to Southland Park, “The Who” has been dominant. 3 wins in May and could be the best here for a very long time.

#3 Bae Sang ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~Rader Racing

-Last month Ranking #1 (down two spots)

-Track record holder for fastest super sprint time (16.38 secs, tied with KB’s Like A Fox)

One of the top super sprinters ever at Palm Beach.  Only raced once this month after getting an extended rest.  The rivalry with KB’s Like A Fox is just outstanding.

#4 Juggernaut ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing

-Last month Ranking #6 (up two spots)

-5 wins this month

The Puppy Stakes runner-up from owner Steve Schlachter had an outstanding month of racing. Has finished in the Quinela in nine of his last ten races, with seven wins in that stretch. Is the hottest racer at the 545 yard distance currently going.

#5 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins Racing

-Last month Ranking #7 (up two spots)

-4 wins this month

60% winning percentage for Pebbles this season. Won four races in a row this month and was a runner-up in the Irish Cup Finals on Memorial Day.

#6 Storm Control ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing

-Last month Ranking #2 (down four spots)

-2 wins this month

The Puppy Stakes Champ and Juggernaut’s brother was running well up until his last two races. Has 18 wins on the season. Currently resting and hopefully will be back to the track very soon.

#7 CRT Leyla ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Champions Racing Team

-Last month Ranking –Not Ranked

-5 wins this month

Leyla makes her first ever appearance in the Top 10 this month!  A huge puppy prospect here at Palm Beach.  She won four straight in the middle of the month and looks to be getting better as the season goes on.  Watch out for this one.

#8 PJ Smoke Em Out ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Agganis Kennel

-Last month Ranking-Not Ranked

-First time in the Top 10 Rankings

Won the Irish Ale Cup on Memorial Day over Storm Control.  Has one of the top rushes of any racer here. Was just one race short from completing the “Ladder” back in March.

#9 Dewzee ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ North Shore Kennel­

-Last month Ranking- Not Ranked

-First time in the Top 10 Rankings

Won the other Irish Ale Cup Final over JS SpeedyPebbles.  Is one of the rare closers you will see at this track. Good prospect to watch out for this summer.

#10 Superior Philly ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing

-Last month Ranking- Not Ranked

-First time in the Top 10 Rankings

Philly has burst on the scene in May. Three wins and has gone under 30 seconds in six straight.  29.53 sec best time on the season.

Honorable Mention:

Atascocita Golda, Racin Razzi, HS Bobaruskee, Flying Annan, Oaks Tony Roman, Pat C Shyne, Relativity, San Tan Spangled, Super C Roxee, Turbo Fire Break, CRT Yusef, Mad Holy Schmidt, Jawa Bruiser, Kiowa Leer Lee, JS Froot Loops, Atascocita Padua