Halloween and Horse Racing

Profile Picture: Jason Beem

October 31st, 2016

One of the great parts of being an adult on Halloween is you get to dress up and go to work. That's no different in racing where folks will show up at the track dressed in all sorts of fun ways. So I thought we'd look at how Halloween and Horse Racing sometimes intersect.

Zia Park Joker

I loved this. Robert Fox was doing his normal pre-race broadcast at Zia Park when suddenly the channel was taken over by the Joker! (go to about 1:08 in).

The Headless Horseman

One of the Keeneland traditions of the fall meet is for the Headless Horseman to make his/her rounds on the track. I don't know how long it goes back but people love it. And even though you know it's a gag, it's still kinda cool, and weird, to see it.

http://www.kentucky.com/sports/horses/keeneland/article111465462.html Zia Park goes where no track has gone before!

Not to be outdone by their 2009 Joker sketch, the fun folks at Zia Park were back at it in 2010 as they did a whole Star Trek themed skit titled Race Trek.

Some other fun racing costumes:


Little Secretariat


Don't forget costumes for the pup!