Hambletonian Future-Bet #2 Presents Choices, Adds Filly To Classic Mix

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

July 20th, 2018


Round two for wagering on the 93rd Hambletonian winner is open today through Sunday at 10 p.m. (EDT) July 22.

Bettors will get two more chances to pick the Hambletonian winner before the race is actually held Saturday, Aug. 4, at The Meadowlands (where TwinSpires will be reporting live on all racing). 

The July 20 game is the second of three pools. The first future pool attracted close to $10,000 and with several major preps in the books the front-runners for the $1-million Hambletonian have come into sharp focus (you know them from following the exclusive TwinsSpires/HambletonianSociety blog, The Hambletonian Trail.

Wolfgang  and Six Pack are the current future choices. Six Pack is 4-1 in the Pool 2. Wolfgang opens up in the Pool 2 at 5-1.

A new edition to the Future Wager odds line is the filly Atlanta, who is five wins for as many starts this year. Atlanta debuts in the Future Pool at 8-1.

The horses in each of the pools will be listed in alphabetical order. The mutuel field will consist of the remaining horses eligible to the frotting classic, including fillies eligible to the Hambletonian Oaks. There are no supplements permitted to the Hambletonian or Oaks.

The Hambletonian Future Wager will be set-up in the tote system as one separate event. The event code is MZH and the future wager pools will be placed as follows:

Race 2: Hambletonian Future Wager Pool 2-July 20 Opens at noon (EDT)–July 22 Closes at 10 p.m. (EDT)

Race 3: Hambletonian Future Wager Pool 3-Aug. 1 Opens at noon (EDT)–Aug. 3 Closes at 10 p.m. (EDT).

2018 Hambletonian Future Wagering – Pool No. 2


1-Alarm Detector-20/1
4-Crystal Fashion-8/1
6-Fourth Dimension-20/1
7-Met’s Hall-30/1
8-Six Pack-4/1
9-Southwind Chrome-10/1
10-Tactical Landing- 8/1
11-Tae Kwon Deo-30/1
13-You Know You Do-10/1
14-Zephyr Kronos-20/1
15-The Field (All other horses eligible to Hambletonian and Oaks. Fillies can enter the Open division)-12