Aaron Riley - greeneyez0825


My name is Aaron Charles Riley also know on BetAmerica as "greeneyez0825." My dad started taking me to the track when I was a baby. I now have a daughter of my own, and she has me beat by going to the track at just 3 months old. I love when she notices me on my phone watching them and she comes over and cheers on the horse I have picked with me.

I have always loved horse racing however, haven't had any huge wins but one day they or it will come. Don't really have a favorite horse but I do like almost any horse from "unusual heat."

Can't wait to go to the HPWS in Vegas!! Got a spot in the contest the second week of you guys and gals giving the seats away. I lucked out with a cap horse "whiskey tail" that pretty much won me that qualifiers contest! Can't wait to go and support BetAmerica! Never really heard or knew that horse racing contests took place until I found you guys! Still hard to believe that I actually won a spot! Thanks for the opportunity and hope I can help promote you guys by placing in the money!!!