Feeder Contests & Tokens

Feeder contests are contests that allow you to win tokens into featured contests at a fraction of the entry fee of the featured contest.

When you win a token you can see the token in under Token History.

Tokens can only be used for the exact amount they are worth and cannot be divided into smaller amounts. For example, when you win a $125 Token - you can use that token to enter any contest with a $125 Entry Fee.


With our new Feeder contest format you can win your way to the Featured Handicapping Contests for as little as $2!

Here's how:
  1. Enter $2 feeder contest paying a $12 token to the top scoring roster of the contest.
  2. Accumulate the top score and win $12 token.
  3. Use your $12 token to enter the $12 feeder paying a $125 token to the top scoring roster of the contest.
  4. Accumulate the top score and win $125 token.
  5. Use $125 token to enter any of the Featured Contests!
Below is an example of a Feeder contest in the Lobby, with the Prizepool details shown.


When you enter a contest for which you have an eligible Token, you will be asked whether you would like to pay with your Token or Cash.

To enter with your Token simply press Pay with Token, the token will then be deducted from your Token Balance.

You can view your Token Balance by going to the My Account tab and Account History.

*Due to state regulations users located in the following states are restricted from participating in Handicapping Contests: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.