HOT HORSES - Streak to Win!


Our newest Handicapping Contest challenge gives you the chance to streak to some serious cash!

"Hot Horses" is a new handicapping contest challenge featuring daily Double Ups with six to eight races. Double Ups are a chance to Double Your Money by out-handicapping half of the players in a contest - a great way for beginners to get started with handicapping contests as they learn the ropes and hone their tournament skills.

But we've got a way for you to earn a much BIGGER prize playing daily Double Ups. Finish in the top half in seven consecutive 'Hot Horses' Double Up contests and win a $500 cash prize!

The rules are that simple. Play daily in the Hot Horses challenge. Double your money for seven consecutive days. Win a $500 cash prize!

We'll post all Live Streaks on this page that are alive for 3 days or more. Stay tuned!

Hot Horses will start on Wednesday, March 2. The entry fee will be $11 and the contest is limited to 50 players - single entry. Don't get shut out!

CASH BONUS - Win 7 In A Row!

Maximum Entries Cost per entry

 Terms & Conditions

Finishing Position: To be eligible for the cash bonus, player must finish in the top half of players entered in the Hot Horses Double Up contest. This is potentially different than the number of places receiving a cash prize in the contest, if the contest fails to sell the maximum number of entries. All Hot Horses contests pay out the top 25 finishing positions. However, if only 40 players enter the contest, then a player must finish in the top 20 players to continue their eligibility Streak, even if they win a cash prize for finishing 21st-25th. In the event of an odd number of players, the top half will include the next eligible whole number placing (i.e. is 41 players are entered, the Top 21 players will be eligible to Streak). All Hot Horses contests must receive at least 40 entries to go; if less than 40 players enter the contest on any given day, the contest will cancel and resume the following day.

Streak: Players must finish in the top half on seven consecutive days. A contest selling out is non-sufficient grounds for a streak to be continued. If a player fails to enter a contest prior to the contest selling out, the streak is over. Players with live streaks are encouraged to enter early to avoid this situation. If a contest fails to meet the minimum number of required entries, the contest will be re-administered on the following day and all live streaks continue into that day.

Cash Bonus: The $500 cash bonus will be awarded within 48 hours of a 7-day streak being completed and verified by Tournament Administrators.