Live Play & Handcuff Contests

Our lobby has been enhanced to include two new tags, the Live Play and Handcuff tags.

All of our handicapping contests will include one of these tags and the tag will identify the type of contest you are entering.
Handicapping contests denoted as "Live Play" allow players to make selections for a race and edit their selection rosters up until wagering pools close for each race. Cut off time for entry submission is based on the “wager closed” messaging received from our tote provider.   The closing of entries earlier than the official start of the race will not justify a refund. When the pools for wagering close, players may not adjust their roster for that race but may still adjust their roster for future races in the contest.
Handicapping contests denoted as “Handcuff” Games mandate that players make selections for each contest race prior to the closing of the first race event in the contest. After the first race in the content is considered ‘closed’ for selections(at the close of wagering) –players will be ‘handcuffed’ to their roster of selections and unable to edit any selections for any races in the contest.

The new tags make it quicker to find your preferred contest! All you need to do is click Show Filters and select Live Play or Handcuff.