Harness Racing: Hoosier Park plays for July 21, 2021

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

July 20th, 2021

(Each week, Cotolo employs money-management tactics to build wagers that focus on plump profits.)

For the program on July 21 at Hoosier Park, we suggest some horses for selected plays that may fit in any type of wager.

Race 1

As we noted last week about #6 Miss G Cantab, she is racing better than her odds at this level and was not embarrassed in her fourth (and only eighth) start. She holds a similar status in this field and should be given a chance to improve again.

Coming from the fairs, #3 Salty Ki Ki appears is equal to this ragtag bunch and could be a prime element for strong paying exotics.

Race 3

Though he is not a standout, #2 Select Friday, has proven he can get another win in a spot like this, where he may be gifted a sweet trip from weak foes.

Thrice #3 Milford Shmilford has had excuses for losing and with a smoother trip can certainly win this one; he gets a slight drop in price and, let’s face it, some of the same old foes that have had better luck.

Race 5

Last week, in the Pick 5 scheme, we singled #6 My Panther, and at 10-1 he raced better than he had in any of his seven starts. He returns to the same level, and we have the same confidence in him this time, too.

A tiring first quarter for #2 Canyon Hall took away from a sharp aim at winning at the end of June. His short rest may have added some breaths to his style, as well as a higher price for his supporters.

Race 6

In her first pari-mutuel start, #10 Bean Shooter raced faster than any of these. The 10-hole start may not affect her; it is, after all, only her second start and we cannot hold too much against her.

Speed-wise—which becomes a bigger factor for green horses--#4 Need To Breathe shows heat and could gain a few steps from post 4 in her third pari-mutuel start, putting her in the thick of this finish.

Race 10

A valid challenge for the morning line favorite, #5 Bluebird Rocky can take this group with an aggressive approach, which he has proven to establish over the past few starts.

His nemesis is #2 Bridge To Success, but betting-wise he figures to be an underlay to win though a must for exotics.

As well, #3 Inquiring Mind is also a good exotics partner because he is in fine form and the public will penalize him for the step up, which is a good formula for a high-paying place or show spot.