History Making Weekend at Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

March 14th, 2016

*Superior Tyson & Team*

An all-time wins record tied. A super sprint record broken for the third time in a month. Oh and a 50K Stakes title up for grabs.  For most tracks, this would be a weekend for the ages.  Not at Palm Beach, where history has started to become a regular thing.

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*The Fox*

It all started on Friday night, where the most prolific super sprinter in the history of the game Kb's Like A Fox tied Hall of Famer Pat C Rendezvous' all time wins record at Palm Beach with 85 wins.  Getting the 1 box where Fox has been so dominant out of in his career made this one too easy for the two time track champion, as he cruised to a 16.64 sec victory.

Fox can put his name at the top of the wins list by himself with another victory in his next start, which should come up this week. Hopefully the All-American selection team is keeping a close eye on Fox the rest of the season.

Replay : http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420160311E04

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*Craigie Renegade*

Saturday was already going to be a huge day with the $50,000 St Patrick's Invitational, but you never know what else can happen when superstars show up.

Hot rookie sensation Craigie Renegade from Rader Racing had previously broken the super sprint record twice in the previous three starts and was looking for more in this one.  As the "Rader Rebel" flew out of the box to start, track announcer Mike Jameson knew something was about to happen:

"There off and ya better not blink.  There goes Craigie Renegade, the track record holder. Watch the time on this one!" Jameson announced to the crowd.

The tote board lit up after and the time of 16.22 secs flashed across the screen. Renegade had again lowered his previous record.  As the stunned crowd around the globe watched on whatever devices they were tuning in on, Mike Jameson announced, "Jeff Prince and Palm Beach Jason need to start writing up a story now. We've got a new track record from Craigie Renegade!" Request granted DogTrack Mike.

Kennel owner Norm Rader told me after that Renegade will be off to Southland Park "Very soon."  How much lower can this record go before he takes off?  We'll have to continue to witness every time this phenom starts.

Replay:  https://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420160312A09

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After all that, it was time for the big one.  The St Patrick's Invitational I found out on a Twitter poll I put out this week is the most popular Stakes series at Palm Beach.  With He's My Man Classic Champ Xtenshun and 660 yard track record holder Ethel Is Here in the field, you knew we were set for an epic battle.

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As it turned out, "Kid Dynamite" Superior Tyson from B & B Racing was best of all.  Tyson broke with the pack initially and waited his chance to strike.  With a lethal haymaker of a move on the backstretch, Tyson roared around the curve and took it home for the 29.44 secs victory.  After winning with Storm Control last year in this Final, the top Kennel this season keeps the title in house for yet another year.

Replay: https://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420160312A12

How is it possible to top a weekend as epic as this was?  I'm not sure, but with the athletes of South FLA putting on the shows that they do,  anything is possible.  We'll just all have to tune in next weekend to see.