Holiday Weekend with Huge Handicapping Contests

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Anna Flynn

November 22nd, 2016

This Holiday Weekend is full of major Handicapping Contest action on BetAmerica, with over $10,000 in guaranteed prize pools at stake over four days! But the really big action is a week away when we host our year-end $40,000 Handicapping Contest series! Here are the highlights:


Just one week away from our year-end $40,000 Contest Series! Have you earned your free entry yet?

Here’s the breakdown of what you earn when you bet for the calendar month of November:

Bet $10,000 - Get Free Entry to $20,000 Gold Cup Contest ($200 Value!) Bet $3,000 - Get Free Entry to $15,000 Silver Cup Contest ($50 Value!) Bet $500 - Get Free Entry to $5,000 Bronze Cup Contest ($15 Value!)

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online handicapping contest NHC$1,000 AQUEDUCT CONTESTS - FOUR CHANCES TO WIN We have FOUR Aqueduct contests this Friday & Saturday with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000!

$1,000 Aqueduct Friday High Stakes - $125 Entry $1,000 Aqueduct Friday Handcuff - $35 Entry $1,000 Aqueduct Saturday High Stakes - $125 Entry $1,000 Aqueduct Saturday Handcuff - $35 Entry

Plenty of Feeder Contests each day. Win your way in for as little as $5!

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Greyhounds-3526-2GREYHOUND HANDICAPPING CHAMPIONSHIP - POSSIBLE LAST CHANCE TO QUALIFY! The final paid-entry Qualifier for the big $25,000 Greyhound Handicapping Championship takes place this Saturday evening!

Racing will feature Palm Beach’s Eve card of racing, races 7-15, with an estimated start time of 8:30pm ET.

Don’t miss out on what could be your last best chance to qualify!

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MEADOWLANDS CONTESTS - WEEKEND HARNESS ACTION Thousands are dollars are at stake in guaranteed Harness handicapping contests featuring Meadowlands this Friday & Saturday!

$1,000 Meadowlands Friday Game & $2,000 Meadowlands Saturday Game -- both contests feature a $125 Entry Fee. They both may fill up fast - don’t get shut out!

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SouthlandFREE GHC QUALIFIER - SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 It’s your chance to win a seat to the $25k Greyhound Handicapping Championship - absolutely free!

Play in our final qualifier, featuring free entry. The only catch is that to qualify for the seat, the winning player MUST have bet at least $100 (or played in that amount of contests) prior to the Qualifier, in order to be eligible! Otherwise, it rolls to the next week!

Prize package includes the seat and a travel stipend!

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