Hoosier Park harness racing plays for June 9

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

June 9th, 2021

Each week, Frank Cotolo employs money-management tactics to build wagers that focus on plump profits.

For the program on June 9 at Hoosier Park, we suggest some horses for selected plays that fit any type of wager.

Race 3

Leaving from the outside, #10 Skipping Stone, a four-year-old son of Pet Rock, raced hard on the outside recently and was caught for the effort, finishing fourth. Coming down in his claiming tag was a strong aspect of his 5-2 backing since he has done his best at this level. The post position will help add value to his 6-1 Morning Line (ML).

Wherever #4 Moose Is Loose starts his miles, the public ignores him and he continues to race better than his odds, getting into exotic combinations at the public’s cost. After a tough mile that at best showed a strong last quarter, #5 Dirty Judge will have to look for excuses to wind up off the board at the end of this race. He could be the strongest factor when the smoke clears.

Race 4

On the brink of a win, #2 J-S Miss Ashley just has to behave when trotting to win this one. The Guccio filly gallops now and then, otherwise she is always a pertinent part of the finishers.

Another skipping problem is contributed to the failures of #6 Spice-It-Up, but back at a level of her smoothest strides she is bound to get a lot of calls to the end in this one.

Race 7

Even though she lost to some entries she faces again in this race, #5 Country Girl Charm has what it takes to step into this level, making her valuable as a mild upset. She has the class as a freshman to make any punter think twice about betting the ML favorite, #7 Swift Swanda.

Race 8

Boldly, #3 Mighty Lil Joe fired from post 8 two weeks ago only to be met with a brutal duel that made his early lick moot. He should not—but probably will—be dismissed by many bettors simply measuring him by his finishing positions and that could give us a big edge backing him with a ML of 15-1 and going off at odds not so distant from that forecast.

Galloping to start in his June 2 performance at Northfield, #4 Phone Tap got back on stride but did not regain much interest in the remainder of the mile. He returns to Hoosier, where he last did best, and could justify his stature racing away from fairs on the Ohio sires-stakes circuit with a good performance, if not his best.

Race 10

These pacers are becoming familiar after a few weeks. Still, none of them claims dominance. Certainly atop the probable winners is #7 Shock Wave. We backed him three races ago at 7-1 and had faith he would step up with power. He did not in his first effort but last week he was strong, though weakened by an early move overland to get the lead. One uncontested brush to the top here should give the Riggins sophomore control of the mile.

Outside contender #5 SPC Ryan P Jayne seems to have better chances than his 8-1 ML indicate. He won three back and stepped up to finish off the board, but with no shame for it. Then he did better, good enough to keep him at this level and become a contender that could pay well to win and be valuable in exotics when he hits the board.