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Kelly Clark

July 8th, 2016

Another great weekend of races is ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of talent are on tap as we continue our great Greyhound Summer Promotions with prizes, deals, and steals this next few days and nights. Let’s take a look at the 10 feature races on the weekend and see if we can get you cashing some tickets over 550 and 660 yards here at bestbet Jacksonville.

Friday evening June 8th, 2016

Race 7 – Only one pick here, All-American Seldom Told. Sure in his first race back he looked a little flat, but he has been off for 4 months. I expect a much better effort this time out. No lead is safe. Up front the battle will reign from the inside with a pair of ship ins. Both Idaho Kinky and Trackinfo Lisbet have enough early to get the front and would wire the field on the lead. They will get their all and it will be close late. Don’t forget Ddm’s Black Hole either. A big closer that could throw her hat in the ring in the deep stretch. (3-1-2-8)

Race 10 – Win 3 in a row and 4 of 5 and you get to be the favorite to win. Posted well again on the inside, Ankle Burner Kc’s Todd will be the one to catch on the front end. He will be pressed throughout though as Stakes winner Pullanallnighter should be right on his heels from the start to the finish. C Ville Hobart is a solid early speed chasing threat that should be in the mix throughout as well, but everyone better be wary of the rest and ready to go all out threat that is Real Good Feelin. That 30.19 is nothing to joke about. (2-4-3-8)

Race 11 – Puppy power as the impressive upstart gets the 1 box. This girl has won 4 of 6 races, and 6 of 11 starts and has been in the quiniela on 8 occasions. With a great late drive KMZ Kraken will be tough to stop tonight. Making her work hard will be the solid grade A competitors Pat C Dashboard and Boc’s Andross who have both been in the money in 4 of their last 6 races. Watch out for Ww’s Cecilia too. She is no slouch and could upset if she gets out of the starting box on top. (1-5-2-6)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for this one and in this wide open field it might come down to just who wants it more. Atascocita Warm is not warm, but hot off a win in her last effort and has 2 of her 3 showing in her lines from an outside post. Determined, she finds a way to win. Battling up front will be the newcomers to the route, Rtr Marie Laveau and C Ville Kree, but can they steal enough early to hold on and win? That’s the real question! Although the post is not kind, don’t forget about Pat C Signed under on your tickets. Winning a stretch, but with 5 straight supers, you need her in there. (8-6-2-1)

Saturday matinee June 9th, 2016

Race 7 – Post makes perfect! Ww’s Sammy is coming off an absolute romp in her last race and gets an even better post here in the 1 box in this one. She LOVES the rail and once in front, forgetaboutit! Back to back easy winner today. Dueling for next best will be early speed rail runner Roc A By Sunkist, the back in grade A closing threat Mr Winston, and the late driving rising star who is hot off a win, Nb’s Mighty Love. (1-2-7-6)

Race 11 – This one is chalked full of your talent that are making their mark already at bestbet Jacksonville. Easi Charlie rocketed straight to grade A and has not turned back since. Only missing the money twice and winning half of her starts, she is a force. Loving the post, she will be tough to beat. Looking to do that will be the puppy stakes surprise finalist Rams Big Dan T, who is running at the top of his game as of late. Lee Tuco also gets a look after back to back wins and 5 of 6 in the trifecta. Don’t sleep on Dodgem’s Magic either., This solid grade A will be gaining late and should find her way into the superfecta at the wire. (8-4-5-2)

Saturday evening June 9th, 2016

Race 7 – The lead won’t be saved for her early, but Hey Pretty Baby will find a way to get it done in the end in this effort. This solid grade A is overdue for a big time W, but she is going to have to work hard to get the job done in this effort. Stakes winner, and early speed master, Cj’s Colin is posted up well in the 1 box, and will probably be the early leader. Short late, his big early lead will cost him at the wire. The Ln clan will be chasing as well. Ln J Co is a solid grade A stalking threat, and If Ln Roxy gets loose she could be poised for an upset, that is if she can get wide early on. All in all, a tight finish tonight. (4-1-5-3)

Race 11 – Once again another big lead by the early speeder, but it won’t be enough to hold on for the win. Colin’s sister, Cj’s Sadie is in this race and she might just be the best early speed greyhound at the racetrack. She is always short though and has only held on once in 6 races for a win. Insert the other early speeder Flying Bass into the mix. Stalking throughout from right next door, he should size up the competition at the wire and find a way to will himself to win. Both better be wary of the closers. Mr Tony is hot off a win and ready for the grade A competition, and Boc’s Luigi has 3 wins in 5 starts and might be better than her lines show. (8-7-5-2)

Race 15 – Longer we go again over 660 yards and all you need to do is look at the last effort and you know who gets the nod in this race. Barts Risingstar is loving the racetrack and has 4 wins in his last 6 efforts. His last one was a gem as he stopped the clock in a blistering 37.00 second romp. That’s the fastest time over 660 I have seen at this racetrack in 20 years. Still there is some heat to challenge him here. The 770 track record holder Herstal gets the one box, and she too has speed to burn when she gets revved up. Solid grade A’s Pat C Andre and Kk Whitezin both has not missed the money in 6 straight and that trend should continue on in this effort. (8-1-3-4)

Sunday matinee June 10th, 2016

Race 11 – One top grade race on Sunday and this time Hey Daddy gets to be the favorite. No doubt he is firing on all cylinders. With 4 wins in 5 race and 6 straight quinielas you have to like his chances, but the cherry on top of the Sunday was that last clocking of 30.19 seconds. Silly fast = easy winner today. A pair of stakes winners will try and ruin the best laid plans as Pat C Outbounds draws a great 8 box and should be a factor from start to finish. Not to be outdone, the rebounding star Ln Houdini also looks to put in an effort after finding his way back to grade A in recent starts. Closing Cjb Sassafras could wind up in the superfecta too, especially from a favorable outside post position. (3-8-1-7)