Kentucky Derby Poll Dancing

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Ed DeRosa

February 14th, 2016

With the transition from the Kentucky Derby Prep Season that concludes with the Southwest Stakes on Monday, February 15, at Oaklawn Park to the Kentucky Derby Championship Series that begins with the Risen Star Stakes on Saturday, February 20, at Fair Grounds, Triple Crown poll season is in full swing.

I participate in three polls: The “Expert Picks” poll, the original national Kentucky Derby poll from the Louisville Courier-Journal, and the new-fangled Horse Racing Radio Network Kentucky Derby poll presented by

My approach to what a Kentucky Derby poll means changes throughout the Triple Crown season.

At this stage, I’m merely looking to identify most-likely winners with only very little tinkering for “value,” though admittedly that’s why Zulu is ahead of Mohaymen.

The and HRRN polls are limited to ten picks while the Courier-Journal poll goes 20 deep. These extra horses do offer me a chance to get cute, like having UAE Derby hopeful Lani 20th.

There’s no real competition (that I know of) among polls (and there are many more [obviously] than the three in which I participate), but me being the kind of guy I am turn it into one on a personal level at least.

To me, you’re measuring yourself against your fellow pollsters but you’re also measuring your outlet against others. It’s nice to be a part of a trusted electorate.

Of course, the only votes that really matter when it comes to the Kentucky Derby (or any race, really) are the ones you exercise with your wallet, but it’s still nice to be right, and when it comes to the world’ most famous race at the world’s most legendary racetrack, being right first is nice too.

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