Hi everyone, it’s Willy The Beak here.

Named for my penchant for sniffing out the value plays in the biggest derby Kentucky hosts every year!
FAT HORSEI’ve made a list of who will undoubtedly win the Kentucky Derby this year. I have been right 2 of the last 41 years.  In fact I've never had a losing day horseracing in my life, I'm cash positive my last 1,286 consecutive betting days. Find me a handicapper doing better than me on this race and i’ll show you a back-to-back Triple Crown winner from Siberia!

I'm a top paddock judge as well, I spotted this beast to the right and won half a million bucks when he cruised to victory first time out.

Los Alamitos Futurity StakesMy Unbeatable Top Two:
  • Dortmund – a beast from the east (of L.A.). This is no pony express. It’s the fedex of racing. Coast-to-coast overnight shipping. Expect horses to bounce off this one, leading to a victory by a minimum of 10 lengths!!! Money in the German off-shore bank!!! You heard it here first!
  • American Pharoah – the lucky jockey who gets to ride this rhino is in for a treat. Not even aladdin has enjoyed a magic carpet ride like the one this pharoah provides. While he won’t beat Dortmund, you can still get a few bucks on the show wager and maybe add 10% to your huge tax-free offshore account!

The Totally Over-Rated Ones:

  • C
horse backarpe Diem – seize the LAST place finish, no chance.
  • Frosted – a frosted tip (like i used to wear my hair): don’t bet on this one
  • Firing Line – i won’t go there with the joke for this one. All i’ll say is he’s not gonna win
  • Far Right – more like “it’ll go far right into the stands to find the hot dog vendor.” Can’t control it’s diet. No chance.
  • Upstart – more like upstarch! Too many carbs will cause this dude to lose the crown.
  • Far From Over – more like “it’s already over.”   Might as well stay home with the wife and kids eating bagels instead of turning up at the track.
  • El Kabier – el cab is here to take you home after a poor showing. Don’t bet on this one.
  • International Star – more like international starch. Too many carbs will keep this dude to taking the crown.


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