Lazarus N Defies U.S. Pacers At Hoosier; ‘Key Race’ Soph Fillies Ready To Romp; Northfield Hosts Top Open Pace

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August 9th, 2018


The unofficial beginning of the season’s second half gets rolling with a new addition to the older pacing ranks as Lazarus N debuts in the USA at Hoosier. A slew of horses coming from the Hambo program return in various events and the whole field of the Shady Daisy gets our full attention. Plus, Northfield’s biggest invitational brings Lather Up back for top dollar.

More great wagering opportunities at North American tracks appear in the horses-to-watch (H2W) list and our exclusive two-year-old section, Freshman Frolics. Explore the possibilities we present for use in any wagers of your choice. Do your own handicapping and then consider any and all our H2W and frosh selections.


At Saratoga on Aug. 10 some colts that grew weary on the Hambletonian Trail (eligible or not) take to the half-mile in $89,000-plus divisions of the New York Sires Stakes (NYSS). In round one, Julie Miller’s Don may be the most recognizable and should share the favorite’s spot with The Veteran, since both have the best resumes at three. Probably outside of that support is our contender—Chasin Dreams. He is in a perfect spot for a good trip in post 2 and has shown he likes to win.

In the other NYSS, Helpisontheway, a colt that won a race on the Hambo program, meets a few that either lost or never made it to the program and should be the huge favorite. It may be best to pass or try to beat him with Winning Shadow, who has been productive and may get a good trip to save ground needed when the trot gets hot midway.


A $325,000 stakes race for open pacers was named after the Midwest pacing hero of harness history, Dan Patch, and on Aug 10 at Hoosier, Lazarus N, a current history-maker in harness racing from Down Under, makes his racing debut in the Dan Patch. Lazarus N, the “Wonder from Down Under,” Australasia’s greatest pacer in all marks of the sport, will leave from the 9 hole against a fierce crew of stalwart horses to his left.

Jimmy Takter handles Lazarus N in the USA and chose this event for the horse’s first event in a campaign on this continent. If the hype that was part of the horse’s tack in his journey across the globe is not hype at all, Lazarus N will show eight Yankees what sidestepping is truly all about.

Or …

Let’s face it, this is tough to measure, even after the qualifying race Lazarus N displayed with ease, making Lather Up look slow. Most would consider McWicked the biggest problem against “Laz” but last week on Hambo day McWicked did not live up to his own hype, allowing the recent sharpness of Western Joe to easily pass him in the Sam McKee.

Bit Of A Legend is the strongest of the USA contingent and probably worth a bet here to foil Lazarus. This is the time to try and do so, we think, because his first pari-mutuel race may wind up to be the true qualifier he needs to settle into red, white and blue earth. It will be fun to see how the wagering goes in this one, considering Canadians, Americans and Australasians (expatriates) may be betting loyalty.


Eight soph-pacing colts are committed to harness racing's richest invitational for pacers, the $400,000 Carl Milstein Memorial at Northfield on Aug. 11. The “Home of the Flying Turns” is a challenging landscape for the likes of speedy sophs and this year’s field need be prepared for speedy shuffling through four turns of action considering the cast.

First and foremost is Ohio-sired Lather Up, fresh off of his Scioto score, which confirmed he is in fine fettle after a short spell off. Lather Up is the only horse in the field that has ever competed at Northfield. He will meet familiar foes, however.

Adios-winner Dorsoduro Hanover is on the bill for trainer Ron Burke. Springsteen, who took full advantage of Lather Up’s mishap at Pocono, just won a sires stakes event at Yonkers for trainer Rene Allard. From Canada, Jimmy Freight meets his division’s top boys again. Also, there are Always A Prince from Indiana, Slick Tony, Iowa’s Minnie Vinnie and Thinkbig Dreambig.

There are not many scenarios that play well in this contest. Bound to become the top choice, Lather Up will embrace it by taking command early. If he is challenged off of the gate and a duel ensues, it may most likely come from the division’s upper-class members, “Dorsoduro” and Jimmy Freight. If shuffling becomes common before the half, all up front will be in trouble, though Lather Up is capable of shaking challengers when he leads.

The duel and shuffling that could burn a lot of the cast will benefit Springsteen. However, this is not Pocono, where Springsteen could have a wide path to close on the outside. As well, Lather Up must be used too hard for any closer to win.

The Midwest contingent and the virtually empty Thinkbig Dreambig, will need much to go wrong with the speed boys to get on the board, no less win, leaving a simple scenario that may not encourage wagering on this race: Lather Up commands the race from beginning to end.


Four-and-up Ohio-bred pacers fill the field of the $50,000 Myron Charna President’s Pace at Northfield on Aug. 11. Good ole Dancin Yankee is here for Ron Burke, with the most wins and most money this year, as well as the most possible favorite considering the horse’s resume. Bound to battle for the favorite’s spot is Major Nemesis from the rail and Official Delight will attract support for not being off the board in only eight starts.

There are six others aboard and quick to get our attention as a contender is Docdor Friskie. Certainly bred to one of the best in Ohio, his Buckeye battles got him on the board in a dozen of 18 starts. The crowd will be busy backing the three mentioned and could let this guy go off at odds higher than his chances.


Pennsylvania-bred (PASS) soph fillies had a week to catch a breath since the sizzling daylight racing at the Meadowlands on the Hambletonian program wore out many a division members. At $56,000-plus, those and some fresh ones go in three divisions at Pocono on Aug. 11.

Round one has six leaving the gate, a pair that have not won yet this season. Little matters, though, since Kissin In the Sand gets a walk-in-the-park quintet of foes. She was the favorite against Youaremycandygirl and strained chasing that one last week to get second. That race, the Shady Daisy, could become a “key race,” with every member of the field coming back to win (see other PASSes in this report). We are making note of all the others in the Shady Daisy field and the first of three races on this program should be a romp for “Kissin.” As a key, then, use Aldine Hanover to pump up exotics.

From the proposed key race, the second PASS edition presents Sansovina Hanover. She was seventh at 63-1 in that but here, having no wins in nine starts, she will bow in the win pool to Serene Stride. We will go with “Sansovina” here at a price, using and our key-race forecast.

Seven go in the third split and two of them come from the key race. Of those two, Alexa’s Power should be the favorite and an easy winner. However, the second member of the Shady Daisy returning is Double A Mint. She won’t get the kind of respect a key-race member deserves and although she won’t beat “Power” without a small miracle, she will pump up all exotics. Should she somehow knock off Power, look out for a major shakeup of payoffs.

Make note of the H2W list for others from the Shady Daisy field—I’m Trigger Happy and Believe In Me. 


Sunday at Tioga, mare trotters go for $141,000 in the Joie De Vie. The main attraction should be Hannelore Hanover versus Ariana G. They both lost in extra-distance features on Hambo-day features but go the usual one mile here. Only one winner from last week is in the field—Dream Together, whose 50-1 upset was the anomaly of the Hambo-day winners. Actually, this is one of the more talented groups this division has offered in a few years. Even though “Hannelore” stands out, Ariana G need be considered a challenger and others in here deserve attention.

To grab a price you may have to back Broadway Donna. She looked terrific last week, finishing at 5-1 just behind Dream Together. “Donna” was close all the way around. A trip like that could serve an upset here, especially with Hannelore and Ariana G in any sturdy duel.


The older males gather in the Crawford Farms Open Trot at Tioga on Aug. 12 after the gals go their way. Beaten favorite Obrigado won’t be the public choice here, though. From post 3, Will Take Charge should get that status. He deserves it. Last week he beat Hannelore, though getting second to Marion Marauder. There seems little to hold against “Will” in this event, since there are but a few from the division’s top five. Will is a key for exotics, which will only pay well with whomsoever the public supports least. 

Two-year-old races at the beginning of each season are the most difficult events for handicappers to forecast winners, no less where their bets will have value. Every season’s start for us means extra work on sire productivity, so we can make wise wagers in freshman races. If you handicap the races below, be sure to respect those listed as contenders.

Aug. 9
Fanatic R11
Townline ATM R6; Hesacat R11; Rainbow Design R12
Red Mile
Signore Carlin R5
Aug. 10
Primier Rodestar R9
Ollie’s Ztam R8
Smackitwithahammer R1; Queen Of The Pride R10; Tap Tap Tap R11
Evident Beauty R3; Zack To The Max R5; Candy Man R8

H2W Legend

Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


8/11/18, Top It Up R5; Centela Glory R6

8/9/18, Rockaboo Baby R4; Givemeonemoreshot R7

8/13/18, +Costello R1; +I Am The Danger R11

8/10/18, Jennas Delight R4
8/11/18, Veyron R3; Mr Mach Jimmy R4

8/9/18, Draco R2; Whos In The Mist R8

8/10/18, +Toobigformybritches R5
8/11/18, +Barbie’s Belle R1; Bad Load R8

8/9/18, +Black Dan R1

8/9/18, I’ll Call You Later R14

8/11/13, Geez Joe R7; Roll Away Joe R9
8/13/18, +Gerard Hanover R5; +Keystone Abbey R10
8/9/18, Coauthor R2; One Swan For All R5; Stingy R9

Red Mile
8/9/18, +Miss Martha Jones R8
8/11/18, Suddenly Royal R7

Running Aces
8/12/18, +Mr Ranger R8

8/12/18, Go West Lucky Cam R6

8/10/18, +Be Not Nobody R4; +Sugar And Spite R4

8/12/18, I’m Trigger Happy R6; Believe In Me R6; +Courtly Choice R7

8/10/18, It’s Chocolate Time R1; +Budget Buster R3; +Royal Trumpery R3

8/11/18, Oh Jonny B Good N R4; Killer Martini R6