"Live Play" Contest Improvements

Profile Picture: Merv Huber

Merv Huber

May 26th, 2016

The BetAmerica team is excited to announce a great improvement for Handicapping Contests - specifically "Live Play" games.

Beginning on Friday, May 27, players in Live Play games will have the ability to edit selections up until the close of wagering for each race. Previously, selections were locked for editing at 2 minutes to post.

The cut-off time for selections will be provided when BetAmerica is notified by the tote provider that wagers are no longer being accepted for the race, which is usually just seconds before the horses or greyhounds begin the race. As such, we still strongly encourage players to get their picks in EARLY to avoid being shut out. A race closing earlier than expected for editing is not cause for a refund.

The extra time to edit selections can be a big deal in Handicapping Contests. As odds change nearing the start of a race, it can have a massive effect on game strategy. Late wagering money has the ability to dramatically affect the odds of horses in the final two minutes. Additionally, many tracks (especially Harness tracks) tend to sit at 0 minutes to post for extended periods of time; sometimes, selections had been locked for editing for over 10 minutes prior to the start of a contest. This will no longer be the case.

Entries for all contests will still close at 2 minutes to post for the first race in the contest. Be sure to enter the contest early to avoid being shut out.

Any questions about this improvement should be directed to contests@betamerica.com.