More Pompano Price Prospecting; Fine Features For Outsiders

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

February 26th, 2020

Late February with the extra day added to balance the calendar, bringing an extra day and night of harness prospects for chills and thrills—but mostly for profits. Do your own handicapping and respect our off-the-beaten-track opinions to spike your to your cashing.

Our H2W (horses-to-watch) list pursues exclusive selections for bettors with sharp outsiders for win, place, show and most single- or multi-exotic races.



Pompano / Races 2, 4, 5—8
Thursday / Feb. 27

Our popular Wallyword feature goes into the seventh round. The score for beating horses driven by Pompano’s top driver, Wally Hennessey is going our way across the board. Wally wins more profitably for his career than for bettors, due to the favorite status the public sends him to post nearly constantly. In Wallyworld, however, we are beating him with our outsider choices.

Race 2
Wally has a pair of choices here. Minus those two, we’ll take the lightly raced Dance Hall Brawler, looking to bounce off of a place to win for the first time in ’20.

Race 4
Take note – there are two horses in this race waiting their second time on the H2W list. So, eliminating two possible Wally rides, we take two. Kashe looks to get on the board in his fourth race of the year at this level. Roger Pray It took a short break between races, as his connections looked for a spot like this to go again.

Race 5
Terror Time A goes for only the second time in ’20 on new landscaped. He is a Down Under import that will like the pseudo-summer Florida weather.

Race 6
Sportscam comes off the H2W list for his second try, leaving in a good spot for his first top earning spot in five tries. Wally’s offered two again.

Race 7
Wally takes the 7 horse, the top earner by fifty bucks. To his left is our choice, Lt Col JE Leonard. Trainer Richard Silverman has some good winter stock here which we hope to see when it warms up in New Jersey.

Race 8
Closing the program is another typical Pompano conditioner with a full field of nine. Wally decides on two from the yet-two-win bunch. There’s a good enough chance that won’t match the odds of Caroline GR from the “Great Sanzeri” barn that gets our vote.


Miami / Races 6—9
Friday / Feb. 28

A Pick 4 stream begins with Race 6 where we have one of two strong contenders you may want to include for the multi-race exotic, while we support them for inner-race exotics in the first two legs.

In Race 6, Big Bad Mosa is from the Ronnie Roberts brigade of high-percentage winners and checks in with three wins in five starts. There is nothing weird to uncover for the pacer, he’s solid and obvious but rightfully so. As an exotic partner, though, Shady Madam could boost the payoff, especially if she swings an upset.

Race 7 presents Moonwards Hanover hoping to star in this conditioned pace. Most likely not going off the favorite, post 8 will add some value to the mix for top trainer Chris McGuire. For the exacta and trifecta, dig on N Expense and the public’s probable choice, Legal Transfer.


Meadowlands / Race 2
Saturday / Feb. 29

Starting a Pick 3, this trot has no true standout even though there are some class-droppers that could make sense at the right price. We found Victoryisalluneed waiting for her second appearance on the H2W. From post 10 last week, she busted after a fine qualifier needed because she busted on Jan. 31. Bettors will ignore her drop here; they won’t trust her gait, no less leaving again from post 10. She’s just our type and would be a fiery start to the Pick-3 stream.


Meadowlands / Race 5
Saturday / Feb. 29

Another Pick 3 begins, this time with moderately high conditions that cry “anything can happen here.” Still, the field is not void of form. We want to settle on Father Sarducci, who, until his last effort a week ago, was racing better than his odds.

Last week’s 63-1 mile showed no spirit from post 9, though he made some ground up from three-quarters to the finish. In this affair he drops a bit, making his Feb. 15 race look stellar. At 8-1 he presented speed from post 7 and was barely beaten in deep stretch. For price and purpose—lots of Pick-3 tickets will die if he wins—we will be on his side here.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


2/29/20, Bubeleh Stone R4; +Utah Beach R5; Articus R7; +Dixon Bay R9

2/29/20, +Free Radical R5; Fox Valley B Gump R6; +Dependlebury A R8; Getter Queen Flush R9

2/28/20, Fusion Power R3; Revolutionary Rose R4

2/28/20, +Chasin Dreams R3; Don’t Think Twice A R9; +Clive Bigsby R10
2/29/20, Uncle Hanover R1; Rodeo Rock R4; +Tymal Peacemaker R4; Vettel N R8

2/28/20, +Epic Union R2; +Chance To See R6; +Cruiserwillwin R6; +Western Alumni R6; +Juniors Dew R6

2/28/20, Grant Me This R5; Just Zip It R5; +Picard A R8; +Hypnotic Play R9
2/29/20, Montana Pablo A R14

2/27/20, +Regil Tiger R2; Western Bay Bay R5; Needles And Pins R6; Tuukka R7

2/29/20, Merciless R1; +Alexis May Hanover R5; Pearl Crush R6; May West R7; Miss Dollar Mam R11; +St Lads Gadgit R14

2/29/20, Cash For Gold R7; Concur 2/29 R8
3/1/20, Mister Photogenic R5

2/27/20, +Schubie R3; +Silver Wings R6; +Qing Qong Bluechip R7
3/1/20, +Yes Your Mattjesty R1

2/27/20, +Awake My Soul R3; +Roll With Mimi R10

2/27/20, +Roar Of Approval R8; +Tommi Canu Hearme R10
2/28/20, +Lachie Maguire N R1; +Money Maven R10; +Betterb Chevron N R11
3/2/20, Volley Ball Beach R10