Multiple-Series Action Ensues; Pick-3 Additions, Et Al

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April 2nd, 2015

With little bravado, The George Morton Levy Memorial and Blue Chip Matchmaker, continue with round three at Yonkers this weekend. We are still looking for some upsets and this could be the week.

We have included some more Friday action this week with horses you may want to add on your ticket (or play to win, etcetera) for the Meadows early Pick 3.

Another round of horses-to-watch (H2W) presents across-the-board/exotic contenders for North American tracks.

Matchmakers’ Duo

There are only two Matchmaker divisions this week and each have only five mares. In the first split, Carolsideal will shoot for another win and be an overwhelming favorite, having lost only one of eight this year, two of the eight in this series.

This could be a good chance for Anndrovette to announce she is going to take part in the series with a commanding mile. This is only her third start this season and if there is nothing bothering her, she could be poised for a wire-to-wire blowout and perhaps at a decent price, since For The Ladies N and even Medusa may be second and third choices in the small field.

Here’s a great spot for Monkey On My Wheel to make noise against the big gals but she will be well supported. How the crowd deals with Yagonnakissmeornot remains to be seen because she is waking up and raring to put a notch in the win column for the series. She was the favorite in a split last week and came up a head short. It could turn out that Venus Delight becomes the outsider here, which could make her enjoy the overlay status. With the right spot early, or with a major duel that finds its climax on the fourth turn, Venus Delight could swipe the lead.

Meadows Pick-3 Action

Here are some horses you should consider adding if you are playing the Meadows early Pick 3 (50 cent) on April 3. In addition, consider their odds for individual win plays.

Race 3

Consider Jessamy’s Jetta, 10-1 on the morning line (ML) but extremely able to take this on good behavior, that is, staying on the trot. Smooth in a recent qualifier, she shows a classy edge to this field. Even when breaking late two back, she was aggressive and in the thick of action until the gallop. Every time she is on gait, she makes her presence known. A price is guaranteed here, with a trainer and a driver the crowd will not embrace.

Race 4

With the top class on the outside in this handicap, the crowd will stick with local hero Dave Palone on Continual Velocity and Tipitina, looking for her fourth-straight win. In the class-placed group, though, Do Me Honor has all the credentials, including beating the best here, to make an impression and upset. When she almost beat Tipitina, she was on her outside to start and in this race the posts are the opposite, so expect driver Aaron Merriman to steer for the top prize and at a price.

Race 5

Another outsider prompting our interest in this Pick 3 is Jinxy’s Delight in the third leg of the wager. With an ML of 12-1 you may safely add her and hope to sensationalize upon her stepping up off a win with every right to be at this level. She likes to come off the pace and has a great shot with her style considering the unimpressive early speed between probable favorite Seafood Money and layoff returned, also stepping up, Deo Gloria.

Triple Levys

The April 4 Yonkers program hosts another quartet of Levy divisions for leg three.

The Levy opener puts PH Supercam’s sweep on the line as he goes for his third-straight series’ leg win on the road to taking the lot of legs and the final, which would be two-straight Levy championships. No one could blame you if you want to key him in exotics and pass the win wager, since he will be bet to smithereens.

We will, however, lean toward an upset if we play at all—and it won’t be Clear Vision. That one is still revered and carries Ron Burke’s brand on him. For a price, another contender with less appeal to the masses is our choice. That is Lucan Hanover. Weighed with post 8 as “PH” took his second Levy leg, “Lucan” made two moves and just beat our choice, Big N Bad. Lucan is working to a big win and is still a threat in this series. In leg three he should be a price worth support.

Levy two for the evening is wide open, despite the return of mild upset Bettor’s Edge. Capital Account will attract some win bucks and Sapphire City could offer some hope and since it is so wide open it has us thinking, once again, about Validus Deo. We went for him in round one and he was fifth at 30-1 and last week, at 87-1, he wandered about but made up ground after leaving from the 8 hole. This week he will go unnoticed but be on our agenda.

The third episode features another streaker, as Polak A looks to keep the season and the series in his skein. There’s a lot of speed in here and some questions of style. A duel appears to want to take shape with the top three and Michael’s Power, who blew out in round one, surprisingly winning off fast fractions and challengers. All of this puts us where we fine, once again, Machs Beach Boy available to get a winning trip at a great price.

The Levy nightcap is a full field with a lot to talk about. Dancin Yankee has passed his chance to pay off since we hoped he would rally the past two weeks but disappointed both times (once as the favorite). Warrawee Needy is so in and out that one can never trust his performances. Frankies Dragon has post 8; Capozzo is fast but may not belong with this group; and the others are just so-so, except for Mach It So. With only two races behind him and a resume that shows he can astound such a field, we will take him and hope for the kind of price he awarded last year in the series, when he surprised them all in a similar situation.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


4/3/15, +One Chaser; The Mexican R11
Cal Expo
4/3/15, +Barbosa R6; +Diva Las Vegas R8; +Orlandos Express R9; +Rhis Acuz That’s Y R12
4/4/15, +Lucky Land R2
4/2/15, +Action Brad R11; +Jeremes General R16

4/4/15, +Yacht King R11

4/3/15, +Really Lucky R11; Docs Deal R12

4/3/15, Richerthanrayno R2; Rollinlikeahotshot R7; Marquise Delafitte R9; Dark Lightning R10

4/2/15, Gottawalktheline R2; Winchester R5; Igetagoodfeeling R9
4/2/15, +Sweet Sounds R6; Lucky Bet R9
4/2/15, +Miss Fineline R5; +Fashion Fluzzy R11; Milano Grande R1R

4/3/15, +Onhishonor Hanover R8
4/4/15, +Triad R1; Caribbean Jewel R3; Regal Style R3; A Princess Tale R4; Navy Lieutenant R5; Peytons Troubador R5
4/2/15, Go Both Ways R14
4/3/15, Inside Broadway R6; My Secret Scooter R7; Matt Tin Roof R9; +The Bad Deputy R8; Flirt The Issue R13; Chocolate Xplosion R13
4/4/15, Shady City R8; Lauderdale R11; Sawbuck Hanover R12

4/4/15, Racsan Cyndee R2; Tricky Artist R7; Howsaboutakiss R8
4/2/15, +Cf Sting Rei R2; Dreamin Of Teri R5
4/5/15, +Talk It Up R3; Alickyalater R3; +Woodmere Trakeater R8

Western Fair
4/3/15, Magical Player R10
4/3/15, +Grandpa Don R3; +Mortal Zin R12

Ray Cotolo contributes to each edition.