My 5 favorite Dave Rodman Preakness calls

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Jason Beem

May 11th, 2016

I had the great pleasure to welcome on the voice of the Preakness for the past quarter century Dave Rodman join me on the BARN today. We talked a lot about his memories of past Preakness Stakes as well as this year's that is coming up next week (Listen to that interview HERE). As I was prepping for the interview I went back and watched a ton of old Preakness replays and here are my favorite five calls from Dave over the years in this great American race.

1. Afleet Alex 2005

This race shot right to mind because of the potential disaster that Afleet Alex overcame at the top of the stretch. Scrappy T bore out and caused Afleet Alex to stumble. He not only recovered he drew off. In the call you notice Dave pays particular attention to Afleet Alex as they go to the far turn. He knew AA was loaded and gonna run a big one. After the incident when he says "Afleet Alex, how much the best is he?" is a great moment.

2. Smarty Jones 2004

Smarty Jones really was the coolest horse and I would argue maybe the most popular of his generation, up until Zenyatta and Rachel came around. Smarty's Derby was great but his Preakness was unbelievable and made everyone think that finally this was the Triple Crown horse we'd been waiting for. "And Smarty Jones takes that invitation on the inside" was such a great descriptor when Lion left the rail open. A picture of perfection indeed.

3. Silver Charm 1997

Such a memorable stretch battle. I still remember going to the turn "And we got a new leader, Free House," but Silver Charm went right with him and they put on absolute show in a "Preakness we will remember."

4. Hansel 1991

Dave's first Preakness call as he replaced Trevor Denman as the voice of the Preakness. No pressure Dave. The graphics and the starting gate look like the race is from forever ago, but it kind of was. Hansel was the beaten favorite in the Derby and came back with a huge performance in the Preakness. (This link wouldn't embed so you have to click on youtube link below)
5. American Pharoah 2015

It took 24 Preakness races before Dave got to call an eventual Triple Crown winner. Many horses would win in Baltimore and look like they were mortal locks going to New York and not get the win. But even the pre-race rain and a talented field couldn't stop American Pharoah. In fact nobody could. Well except Keen Ice that one time but let's not talk about that. (Please ignore the poster of this video, it's the only one I could find with Dave's call. Thanks.)