New Android app is available to download now!

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TwinSpires Staff

October 16th, 2020

Just in time for the weekend, our brand new Android app is available to everyone!

What is going on?

We've invested a ton of time and talent into redesigning the TwinSpires App for Android users. The result is a powerful betting partner (can we say that?) that we think players are going to love. It's faster, smaller (freeing up memory), supports native functions, remembers selections, allows persistent authorization (no more logging in!), and offers improved video that supports picture in picture.

What does that have to do with me?

The new version for Android is available for download now. Follow the instructions below to upgrade: 

  • You’ll be prompted to allow the file load – click OK
  • The file named TwinSpires-2.0.2.apk should display at the bottom of your screen
  • Click open—you’ll be prompted to install
  • Once the install is finished, you can open and start betting!

When are you turning off the current App?

Soon. We don't have a firm date, but it will be in the near future. At that time, if you have not upgraded to the new version, you will need to use the TwinSpires mobile site to bet on your phone. 

Can you keep the current App available for some users?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. The current Android app code is out of date and we are no longer able to support it.   

I love betting on the App, and it works fine, is this change really better?

Yes. The current TwinSpires Android app is built with hybrid technology which allowed us to easily support both Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. While this hybrid technology has certain advantages, we moved the iOS app to full-native last year.

We specifically designed and built the new app for your Android device. The advantage: improved speed, a smaller footprint on your device, better memory management, and ability to release new features, faster. The new design is also more user friendly, has the capability to recall your last bet type, carry runners across wager types, and allows for persistent login among many other features.

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