New Pick of the Day Product Helps Bust Chalk

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Ed DeRosa

November 23rd, 2015

There are as many ways to play the races as there are to play a race.

Just as straight (win, place, show) betting with a daily double on the first two races and an exacta on the last race has given way to exotics in every race and multiple super exotic opportunities on every card, so too has how and where and when we get those races changed.

Used to be a full-card of racing at a singular track was the only way to play. As full-card simulcasting entered the digital era that changed too. Multiple tracks available daily with a different race going every minute has changed how we handicap, too.

As director of marketing at, I’ve tried to offer products that strike a balance between those who like to play full cards and those who have a window of time to play as many races as possible.

If full cards are your thing, then’s “traditional” Ultimate Past Performances and Daily Selections full-card analysis with best bets have you covered for the tracks you want to play.

If you like to pick your spots based on time or just wanting some action, then there’s the Custom Card option for PPs & data files plus the new Chalk Buster Pick of the Day featuring a single (non favorite!) play of the day with wagering strategy.

The Pick of the Day is available every day for $5 and covers one race in North America. users can bet the pick of the day using their account online or via our mobile app.

Mike Barker of Columbus, Ohio, is The Chalkbuster—tirelessly looking for that one play that helps produce the big payouts. Barker cashed a pair of Pick 6 tickets in his Breeders’ Cup Players’ Pool for a gross return of $57,386.65. In addition to playing Mike’s Chalk Buster Pick of the Day, you can follow him on Twitter @thechalkbuster.

Good luck!