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Jason Michael

November 9th, 2015

Kb's Like A Fox

Horse racing fans have told me in the past week that they are going through withdrawals after the Breeders Cup ended. Come on over to the greyhound racing world as we are just getting into the prime season for our sport! Of course, there is no better spot to watch the great action then at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

November offers some very intriguing story lines to follow as Stakes Season really gets fired up heading into the winter racing schedule. Here are the top stories I’ll be following throughout the month:

KB’s Like A Fox’s History Run

The best super sprinter in the history of the game continues to draw more interest each and every time he wins. With 75 career victories, Fox is just 10 wins away from the all-time mark set by Pat C Rendezvous in 1996. Can you imagine the worldwide interest that will follow Fox the closer he gets to the record? Stay tuned.

Ladder Run

Each year, there seems to be a hot puppy that moves up the Grade Ladder undefeated to start their career and this season is no different. BlueByYou from the Janie Carroll Kennel will attempt to go from Maiden to Grade A unblemished this Wednesday. No greyhound has been able to pull this off since the fantastic JS SpeedyPebbles won her first 8 races in October of 2013. No matter what happens on Wednesday, Blue is sure to be a star here as the season rolls along.

*Gamma Flash*

Who Will Run In The Floridian From Palm Beach?

The State Championship of Florida is a very interesting new development in our sport simply because of the automatic National Championship berth that comes to the winner. Owners have until November 15th to send their nominations into United Greyhound Racing. The Final will take place on December 26th, at Naples/Ft Myers Greyhound Park and of course is sponsored by BetAmerica.

*Kinda Cruel Red*

Puppy Domination

You usually see a lot of great young prospects beginning to run at Palm Beach this time of year with the $20,000 Dick Andrews Futurity starting in December. This year has just been silly with how much talent has made its way to South Florida. Besides BlueByYou, there is also kennel mate Kinda Cruel Red and Mohican Near Mad from Rader Racing. The Futurity Final should be an instant classic, along with the Puppy Stakes Spring edition coming in March.

*Pat C Short Cut*

Who Will Run In The National Championship From Palm Beach?

Palm Beach does not have an automatic berth to the big dance, but I am still highly confident one of South Florida's superstars will be in the field.  “The Luck of the Irish” Barts Dublin from the Douglas Kennel seems to be the best pick right now, with 13 season leading wins and the highest winning percentage here (54%). Also look for some consideration with Pat C Short Cut from the Koppe, Staats & Collins Team, supreme lid flipper BF Par Snipe and monster closer Cbj Jackie O. We should find out who the entries are within the next 4-6 weeks.

Can Rader Racing Bounce Back?

The Kennel Championship winning Team for 11 straight seasons is currently in 6th place this season, with no signs that leading teams B & B Racing or the Douglas Kennel will be fading anytime soon.  We know that Norm Rader and his crew will be bringing in a lot of new talent as the season goes along, but to win another Championship is going to take one monster of a comeback.  It can be done though.

Enjoy the action everybody!