Ocho Ocho Ocho Propels Player to Contest Win

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

May 6th, 2015

The winner of the second annual dartboard Kentucky Derby eliminator contest came down to the tiebreaker of picking the last-place horse, and it was Skyler H. of Wisconsin whose tab of Ocho Ocho Ocho to finish last propelled him to victory and the $500 prize. Ocho Ocho Ocho didn’t finish last, but he did finish behind Itsaknockout and Frammento—the other two players’ picks. Bobi Jo R. of New York tabbed Frammento and finished 2nd while Jason L. of Canton was third.

All three top players had the same roster. The fourth-place finisher--Karen S. of Pennsylvania--did not include Itsaknockout and thus finished 9 points behind the winners. Others had similar rosters and would have finished with more points if they had not picked either American Pharoah, Firing Line, or Dortmund to hit the board. Robert E. finished 5th.

Dortmund was the least-picked horse in this contest; Ocho Ocho Ocho the most. Thanks to everyone who played!