On Track Versus On the Web: & Churchill Take SHOWdown Rivalry to Social Media

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

February 6th, 2015

In addition to giving players the chance to win $1-million with 20 $20 show bets as well as $2,000 in additional cash and prizes on social media, Churchill Downs Inc. is pitting its online handicappers against the race track team in a showdown for $1,000 in charitable donations.

Starting with the Withers and Lewis Stakes on Saturday, the six handicappers from each team will post their picks to Twitter. The person who lasts the longest will earn a $500 for the charity of his or her choice on behalf of the other team, and the team with the most successful show picks across the 20-race contest that concludes with the Kentucky Derby will earn a $500 donation to the charity of its choice as well.

We'll keeping track of the picks each week using the spreadsheet below. Click on any of the hashtags or player names for more information on the contest or Twitter accounts.