Our Favorite Looks in the New Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby Fashion Collection

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

March 16th, 2016

What I like about the Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby Collection is that it’s uniquely Kentucky Derby. Each collection attempts to capture the style of the Kentucky Derby rather than what is trendy at the time. As Jim Steinman says about the popularity of his Bat Out of Hell, “If you don’t try to be trendy then you don’t have to worry about going out of style.”

Of course, it’s Vineyard Vines, so there’s always going to be some consistency of style, and the VV template is alive and well with striking pastel colors, checkered patterns, and whale logos.

The 2016 stamp appears to come in the way of prints with the Floral Printed Sport Coat and matching Run For the Roses print dress sure to tell everyone, “Hey! S/he is with me!”


My favorite items in the men’s catalog are the ties, particularly the Mint Julep tie (shown here in navy and purple but also available in pink and royal blue) and Spires tie (only available in the colors seen here: navy and raspberry).

My only suggestion is why not do a royal blue tie and call it the tie? Maybe next year.

Another design I like is the whale inside the horseshoe, which is available on tshirts and hats, and the shirts come in kids sizes, so I might already have found souvenirs for my brood. My only question is, and as the father of co-ed twins I have this question a lot—who decides what’s for boys and what’s for girls? I realize it’s somewhat obvious because of the “traditional” blue-pink convention (or in this case cloud-rhododendron), but there was a pink t-shirt in the men’s section, and I could see these shirts totally being interchangeable for either sex.

Anyway, they’re spiffy

Lastly, I want compliment the Striped Bow Race Day Hat, which looks to have a functional purpose as an actual sunblocker while still offering a touch of style.