Outsiders Outstanding For Exotics; Contenders Could Win Big

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

January 29th, 2020

The bridge between January and February is a brief jump on our harness racing calendar. Let us ensue with our selected feature events and Power Plays (PoP). Do your own handicapping and respect our off-the-beaten-track opinions to spike your to your cashing.

Profitable possibilities return in our H2W (horses-to-watch) list. H2W selections supply bettors with sharp finishers for win, place, show and most single- or multi-exotic races.


Freehold / Race 3
Thursday / Jan. 30

At 12-1 last week, Fat Boy performed at his favorite raceway with some of his usual-suspect trotters, though a year older are each. He raced evenly, getting cover for a short gain, but never left the fifth spot. Things may look worse here, since he leaves from post 8 but with his slight class advantage and better earnings this early in the season than his foes, Fat Boy may just have enough to overcome the post and, more importantly, do so at a very good price.



Pompano / Races 4,5,6,8
Thursday / Jan. 30
Wallyworld III challenges at Pompano, backing horses not driven by local-hero Wally Hennessey in search of value in horses’ odds better than the usual underlays produced by chalk bettors favoring a driver over more important factors.

Race 4
Hurrikane Kingkong goes his second start in 2020. Last week he lost in a Wallyworld event, so we give him another shot to come back at a price against W.

Race 5
Joe, “The Great Sanzeri,” sends out Silver Wings after having his first shot at a Wallyworld race last week. Back him again.

Race 6
No Hables Ingles also returns and should impact the toteboard no matter which of the two horses Wally is listed to drive.
Race 8
Sugar And Spite is poised to win after two spots out of three on the toteboard. Bettors will most likely stay away from backing this one if Wally accepts the drive on Bill Popfinger’s pacer from post 1.


Meadows / Races 3,4,5,6
Friday / Jan. 31

Ending January with a PoP at the Meadows is a good idea, since we have some contenders that may make for a big 50-cent Pick 4 price.

Race 3
Poacher N comes off a double claim and a recent race with trouble. Palone steering, should reduce the price but inner-race exotics will include him. Startin Something changes barns and looks to recoup the cash for the new conditioner. Also claimed last out and promising a big price in any exotic spot is Momma’s Jolt.

Race 4
A 50-cent Pick 3 starts here, along with single-race exotics. Kings Beach should make his second race at the Meadows more like his Jan. 5 win at Northfield and at a big price. Shooter’s Dream may also enjoy a terrific trip after battling the “Flying Turns,” where he made some awesome moves.

Race 5
Steuben Gladiator raced well after moving to a new barn and was let go at 7-1. He could go a big mile here at that price or a bit lower.

Race 6
Bergerac is productive since coming from Cleveland and could end the Pick-4 stream with double digits. Yes Your Mattjesty will not be stopped by post 10. He must surely be in the exotics if not in the winner’s circle.


Meadowlands / Race 6
Saturday / Feb. 1

We will go four deep to supply you with contenders for the 10-cent superfecta, the exacta and trifecta.

Jack’s Shadow N got a late start last week at 13-1 and made up major ground from 10th in a 10-horse field. Before being scratched sick he was full of himself at 5-1, finishing a sharp second.

Captain Mulzac goes only his second of the year. His first is a toss out at 107-1. He has the class and experience at a number of tracks to do well here and should bring a price if the crowd doesn’t pound him for his driver, a streaking Dexter Dunn.

The First Step has had two cash-checking miles at this level. His toteboard appearences at three were respectful among some tougher crews in Canada.

If Stendahl Hanover takes on a different strategy from post 10 than he has used from post 9 at this level, or if he rides behind a pace too fast and can use his speed late, he could be the big-price addition to the exotics.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


2/1/20, Bahama Bay R2; Littlebitaclass R9

1/31/20, +Burntisland Billy R3; Tabbat McRey R7; Stylemaster R12
2/1/20, Prom Queen R4; +Twomickeytrip R6
1/30/20, Sweet Beach R10

1/30/20, Balfast N R1; Book The Bet R3

1/31/20, Fast Lane Denali R3; Special And Unique R6
2/2/20, Working Class Hero R6

1/30/20, Glenferrie Dreamer R5
1/31/20, Askmysecretary R6; Rock Of Cashel R7
2/1/20, +Iowa Neightive R3; +Smileandsaycheese R5; Declan Seelster R7

1/31/20, +Campbellini R13

1/30/20, Gym Rat R4
1/31/20, +Cindys Party Boy R1; +Phantom Seelster R13

1/31/20, +Knockout Queen R6; +Elysium Seelster R6; +Beyond Delight R12; You Look Hot R12

1/30/20, Smart Talker R1; +All About Rusty R2; Victory Singer R2; Quint Largo R5; +Nassau County R7; Eagle Ford R10

2/1/20, +Buddy Hally R2; +Body Of Work R2; +Tigers Sue R15; +Faith Prevails R15; +Gators Ben Winning R16

2/3/20, +Money Earned R4; Umakeit Utakeit R4

1/30/20, Blue Magic R2; Quite A Delight N R10
1/31/20, Doctor Butch R11
2/3/20, +Heisman Player R3; Mark With a K R8