Palm Beach Fabulous Friday Matinee Preview 10/14/2016

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Jason Michael

October 14th, 2016

They call it Fabulous Friday for a reason and today should be no different at the Palm Beach Kennel Club!  Superstars and record breakers all over the place for the Matinee lineup in what should be one powerhouse way to get the weekend of racing started.

Here's the top races we'll be following this afternoon at "The Beach."

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Race 8 Grade A 545 Yards

The one to watch here is #8 Go Big Or GoHome from the Janie Carroll Kennel.  One of the more dynamic sprinters in all of South Florida when he is on his game and has looked more himself after a bit of a struggle in September.  Loves midtrack and will be coming off the pace looking for another huge closing win.

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Watch out for #4 Blu Too Ataree who is is coming off an extended summer vacation and is racing back into shape.  Does have the ability to run with any greyhound at the club.

Go Big does just that today.

Picks 8-4-3-1

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Race 1o Grade A 545 Yards

I knew her before she became a star.

Back in July when I visited PBKC for my annual visit, I went over to the Koppe, Staats & Collins Kennel to see all their athletes.  I went into the pen during turnouts with about 30 greyhounds just for fun while I was there.  After the initial sniffing and jumping on me, most of the dogs finally calmed down and went about their business....except one.

#6 JS Racin Slicks literally never left my side for over a half hour and followed me around right up until I left. So sweet.  Never in this business of meeting many greyhounds has that ever happened.  She hadn't even schooled yet and was just a puppy and had her whole career ahead of her. She's got a place on my couch anytime she wants.

Until then, Slick has caught fire in her young career, reeling off four straight wins and getting her shot at the stars of A Grade this afternoon.  She'll face a stern test from #3 Nb's KissGoodbye and huge closer #7 Sprite Episode from B & B Racing.

Maybe a sentimental pick for me but I'm going with the kid to pull the upset. Owner Shannon Henry has another good athlete with Slicks.

Picks 6-1-3-7

Race 12 Grade A 545 Yards

The race of the day without a doubt.

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30 time winner "Kid Dynamite" #5 Superior Tyson from B & B Racing has been one of the top sprinters at Palm Beach for two seasons now.  Just like the famous boxer used to do, Tyson loves to throw lethal haymakers early to put away the competition.

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Challenging for heavyweight supremacy though is #2 Blu Too Tarmac for the Royal Racing Team.  26 career wins himself and is coming off two blazing victories that made the stopwatch hurt.

Watch out also for #1 Allied Force, who could spoil the star matchup with the early rail positioning.

Tough to beat "Iron Mike" twice in a row.  Tyson gets the win here.

Picks 5-2-1-6

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Race 14 Grade TA 660 Yards

Record breaker #8 Ethel Is Here is running.  That's all I need to know.

Picks 8-3-7-2

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Race 15 Grade A 545 Yards

Look out folks...the season wins leader just showed up.

"The Moooooooose" #7 GV MooseIsLoose from the red hot Douglas Kennel ends an epic card this afternoon.  A 65% winner on the season leads all greyhounds and absolutely brings the fire out of the starting box.  Everytime this superstar starts and wins, the chances he gets a National Championship invite grows even more.

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"Motown" #4 JS Tim Tation is also one to watch.  A Top 10 ranked greyhound here last month in our monthly poll is ready to steal this if the Moose or any other early speed is off their game.  The afterburners on the backstretch are sensational to watch if given the chance to use them.

Moose gets loose and brings the crowd to their feet once again.

Picks 7-6-4-3

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Top Pick Race 14 - #8 Ethel Is Here

Enjoy the race action everybody!