Palm Beach Fabulous Friday Preview 11-18-2016

Jason Michael

November 18th, 2016

*Big Red Dog*

This card gets you all fired up for the weekend.

Fabulous Friday takes on a whole new meaning this week at Palm Beach with kennels sending out their top hounds for all your entertainment this afternoon.  "Clifford" is back, Tootsie Roll is kicking tail and taking names & the matchup of Ethel & Fraulein finally happens.

Here's the top races I'll be following for Friday's Matinee action at "The Beach."

Race 10 Grade A 545 Yards

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The return that many fans have been waiting for.

Puppy Stakes Finalist #5 Big Red Dog from Rader Racing is back at the track after putting his paws up and relaxing the last 7 weeks. "Clifford" is nearly a 50% winner in his young career already and possesses one of the strongest box breaks in the country.  He looked solid in two warmup schoolers prior to this start.

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Watch out for #3 Ice Buster from the Douglas Kennel who snagged a Top 10 Ranking last month and is looking to regain that form heading into late November.  Daytona 550 representative from last season #6 Pat C Short Cut has a chance to win but is a must on your ticket as he is a terrific board hitter.

Clifford returns with a bang.

Picks 5-3-2-6
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Race 12 Grade A 545 Yards

It's been a bit of a cool last few weeks for "The Moose."

#3 Gv MooseIsLoose from the Douglas Kennel rose to as high as #4 in the national polls late in the summer, but has since had trouble finding the winners circle taking only one of his last five starts.  He's most likely out of the National Championship running, but he's got an excellent chance of taking this one.
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#5 Quick Reserve from all star owner Steve Schlachter has heated up this month, as she has taken two straight and splintered the stop watch with wins in the 29.50's secs range. Tried the Rhonda 660 yard Course out earlier in the season but seems more suited for the shorter 545.

I'm taking Moose to get back on track for season win #14 here.

Picks 3-7-1-5
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Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

This hound has me more and more excited to watch her every time she starts.

#5 Cbj Tootsie Roll from the Royal Racing squad has simply put it into another gear since the leaves started turning autumn colors. Looks for five straight victories in a very beatable field in this one.  The bettors will no doubt be thinking when capping this race "Whatever it is I think I see....becomes a Tootsie Roll to me."

Picks 5-4-1-8
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The matchup we've all been waiting for has arrived, as Derby Champ #1 Ethel Is Here goes up against kennel teammate and wins leader #3 Fraulein Morgan for the very first time this season.  The show I've been clamoring for months to see should be one of the top races we see all year.

"The Bachelorette" Morgan has been the most consistent greyhound of any this season at Palm Beach, surging ahead for 15 wins and as always shows a great combo rush/close game.  This will be one of her last starts at this track as she prepares for her annual trip down to Hollywood for their winter meet.
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The timeless wonder that is Ethel just keeps on trucking, as she nears 60 all time victories in what has been one amazing racing career.  Gets the prime 1 hole for the first time in ages, plus can still hit the gas early with the best of them.  A dream would be to see Ethel & Morgan dueling late to see who is the top hound in Janie Carroll's compound.

I'm going with Ethel Is Here for the win.  Watch out if Ethel or Morgan misses the winners ticket because the  tote board will do an early holiday light up show without a doubt.

Picks 1-3-6-5

Top Pick Race 14 - #5 Cbj Tootsie Roll

Best Longshot Race 8 - #5 Xk Hiroshima

Enjoy all the fabulous action race fans!