Palm Beach Friday Matinee

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Jason Michael

March 18th, 2016

*Kb's Like A Fox*

This kind of card is exactly why I'm such a gigantic fan of Palm Beach.

In what could be a history shattering day, KB's Like A Fox will go for the all time wins record in Race 4, which will have worldwide attention.  Many of the Finalists from last weekends $50,000 St. Patricks Day Invite are also in action today making this one Fabulous Friday indeed.

Here are the top races I will be following today at "The Beach."

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Race 4 Grade TA 301 Yards

A race we could be seeing on replay for a very long time.

#2 Kb's Like A Fox from Rader Racing tied Hall of Famer Pat C Rendezvous last weekend for the all time wins record with 85 and will look to stand alone after this one.  The best super sprinter of all time has a tremendous chance today, as he is the only true A Grader in the entire field. An inside 2 box for the rail runner favors him without question.

Watch out for our girl #6 BetOn BetAmerica who will be looking for her first ever top class win and would have a huge payoff if she can upset the Fox.  Probably won't happen but we can dream right?

When Pat C Rendezvous broke the record back in 1995, Palm Beach escorted her out on to the track in a limo.  Expect the same type of treatment for "The Fox" if he gets it done.

Fox goes into the record books as the world witnesses.

Picks 2-4-1-8

Race 6 Grade A 545 Yards

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 *Barts Dublin*

In what should be a highly competitive top class race, the "Luck of the Irish" #5 Barts Dublin from the Douglas Kennel comes in to this one with the most sprint wins of any athlete here (19) this season. Struggled in last weeks Invite and will need a solid showing to avoid demotion.

The strongest hound to me in this race is #8 Sprite Episode, who comes in with two straight victories and gets the 8 box to fire out of. Watch out for "The Sizzle" #4 JS ToHotToHandle who has a tendency to heat up and win in bunches.  Is coming off a win last time out.

Sprite Episode gets her third straight here.

Picks 8-4-5-1

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*Atascocita Camry*

Race 14 Grade TA 660 Yards

Here's a great handicapping tip.  If #3 Atascocita Camry from Suncoast Racing is in a race without world class greyhound Ethel Is Here in it, pound Camry.

Probably the best middle distance racer here besides Ethel, the V6 power of Camry can absolutely fly out of the box and should take a huge lead here.  No real solid closers here should book her ticket to the winners circle after.

All-Star Owner Steve Schlachter has two greyhounds in this race in #6 Gamma Flash & #8 Omega Point who have the best chance at an upset.

Picks 3-8-5-6

Race 15 Grade A 545 Yards

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*Cardiac Kid*

A fantastic way to end a day of racing with many young superstars slated to go here.

St Pats 3rd Place finisher #8 Cardiac Kid from the Agganis Kennel is sitting in a perfect spot here. Has won three straight from the outside and should be right near the front after the first turn. Best combo rush and close of any in this field.

Watch out for dynamite rookie #2 TC's Cherry who has thrown a gas can on this track with 7 wins in her first 8 starts.  Will get a huge test here with Kid and also He's My Man Classic Champion #5 Xtenshun in the field.  Would pretty much guarantee a Top 10 Ranking for next month if Cherry can pull another W here.

Cardiac Kid looks to be in too good of a spot to pass on here.

Picks 8-2-7-1

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Top Pick Race 4- #2 Kb's Like A Fox

Enjoy the racing today fans in what should be one of the most historic days in the 84 years this Track has been going.