Palm Beach Matinee Preview 6/30/2015

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Jason Michael

June 30th, 2015

*Two time Track Champion Kb's Like A Fox*

The last day of the 2014-2015 racing season is upon at Palm Beach and they have served up a terrific ending this afternoon for the fans to enjoy. 2 time Track Champion Kb’s Like A Fox goes for his 6th straight win in Race 4, along with the “Queen of Palm Beach” JS SpeedyPebbles looking for career win #54 in the finale 15. Can BetOn BetAmerica get her 2nd straight win today?

Here are the top races I will be following for the Tuesday Matinee at “The Beach.”

"The Fox"

Race 4 Grade TA 301 Yards

He got hot at the perfect time.

#6 Kb’s Like A Fox from Rader Racing was in a huge battle for the wins title here the last two months but answered with a string of wins that the competition couldn’t keep up with. Looks for career win #66 today, as he wraps up another historic season on the super sprint course. Does like wearing the yellow racing suit, as he has won 2 straight from this box.

If you are looking for a possible bomb that could upset “The Fox,” #2 Slatex Bakken from the Janie Carroll Kennel does have two straight Place finishes and is sitting in a perfect spot on the inside. Veteran #3 Liberty Trail does have experience with 113 starts the last two years and has pulled a few upsets of Fox in her career.

Hard to go against the champ here, as the Fox rolls into next season with his 28th season victory.

Picks 6-2-3-5

*BetOn BetAmerica*

Race 9 Grade J 545 Yards

Usually I wouldn’t be writing about a “J” class race, but today’s is very interesting to this blogger.

Company greyhound #6 BetOn BetAmerica from the Royal Racing Team stopped the Maiden Madness last time out, ending a 3 month wait for her fans to see that first win from her. Is probably destined to be a super sprinter in the future, but for now, lets see how far up the Grade Ladder she can go at this distance. Does possess the best rush of this crew but can she hang on around the bend will be the biggest question.

#4 LB’s Fog Monster has shown some great late kick the last two starts, getting two straight Place finishes. Southland transfer #5 Centex Heather has found instant success since her transfer, winning or placing in each of her three starts at school and at work. Most likely will be the favorite at Post Time.

I’m banking on the San Francisco sweetheart BetAmerica to get her second straight win in this one for the home team.

Picks 6-4-7-5

*JS SpeedyPebbles*

Race 15 Grade A 545 Yards

What a way to end a season at "The Beach" as they showcase one of the most followed greyhound athletes in the world #1 JS SpeedyPebbles. Was right in the thick of the season wins chase the past two months until Like A Fox went bananas but Pebbles has put together a solid racing season. 50% winner is one of the top percentages of any greyhound here and has a long history of blazing from this 1 box.

Keep your eye of Royal Racing’s #7 Cbj Jackie O on the backstretch. Has one of most dangerous closes of any racer in South Florida and is a 63% board hitter on the season.

SpeedyPebbles gives the #PebblesNation something to celebrate as we put a bow on an outstanding 2014-2015 racing season.

Pick 1-7-6-3

Top Pick Race 4- #6 Kb’s Like A Fox

The final Top 10 Rankings for the season will come out this Thursday! I think this guy named Storm Control may find himself right near the top of this list.

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