Palm Beach Puppy Stakes Semi-Final

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Jason Michael

April 19th, 2015

*Bally's Arthur*

I am ready to roll for the Sweet 16 Puppy Stakes Semi-Finals today at Palm Beach. The top rookies the Club has to offer will put it all on the line to see who can make the Final 8 next Saturday, April 25th.

I was very surprised that top favorites Bally’s Arthur & Daily Prayer will be lined up with each other in the 14th. With the two top hounds going toe to toe,  the 12th Race should be wide open for any greyhound to take.

Here is my predictions for what will happen in the Sweet 16 today at “The Beach.”

Race 12

This is one of the only Stakes races I can remember where all 8 greyhounds have a legitimate chance to go to the winner’s circle.

#7 PJ Get Out from Rader Racing will be going for three straight wins and will be the favorite here. Has been impressive so far in this Tournament with a rush that can crush and times all well below 30 seconds. Will need to break well today because of how much early speed this field possesses.

Watch out for #8 Windy Maddie from B & B Racing, who won out of this 8 box in the first round and should have a lot of room on the outside to get going.

In this race, I believe there is going to be an upset with how open it is, so I’m going with #3 JS Tow Mater from top owner Shannon Henry, who owns three of the racers of the 16 left. Tow Mater is the most Grade A tested greyhound of this field and can close better then most.

Picks 3-7-5-8

Race 14

The race that the greyhound world will be paying close attention to.

Top puppies #7 Bally’s Arthur from B & B Racing and Daily Prayer from the Ryan Racing Team are set to square off here for the first time in their young careers.  Could be the start of an intriguing rivalry for the next two big superstars at this track.

Arthur can pop the lid better than any greyhound in this Tournament. Hasn’t been caught on the lead in his young career, already taking home 11 victories. Looks to be in a perfect spot on the outside, with the 8 not breaking at all.

Daily Prayer is the hottest racer going right now out of all greyhounds heading into the semis. Is the most complete racer of this field, with the ability to rush, fly on the backstretch and close. One of the top racers I have seen come from Ryan Racing in quite sometime.

I’m putting #1 JS Jet Pack in my exotic play because she has hit the ticket in 7 straight.

My pick from the beginning has been Bally’s Arthur and I’m sticking with it here. It will be interesting to see Arthur and Prayer battle each other today and also next week in the Final. Whoever wins this battle doesn't necessarily have the advantage when all the chips are on the line next weekend.

Picks 7-3-2-1

Enjoy the Puppy Stakes today everyone!