Palm Beach Stakes Preview: 2014 Dick Andrews Futurity

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Jason Michael

December 6th, 2014

*Last years Champion JS SpeedyPebbles*

The start of Stakes season at Palm Beach is about to get going, with $20,000 up for grabs in the Dick Andrews Futurity. This tourney is wide open, with upwards of 10 greyhounds having a chance at glory.

Here is a Futurity Tournament Preview to get the action rolling at “The Beach.”

The Favorites

AMF Pushover ~ B & B Racing

~10 wins, 29.39 secs best time

If you have beaten National Champion contender Storm Control this season, you are legit. One of the most lethal closers at the entire club.

JJ’s Tango ~ Rader Racing

~6 wins, 29.37 secs best time

It should surprise nobody that Rader Racing has a championship contending greyhound in this Tourney.

Tango won his first “A” start on 11/30 and has looked very impressive so far to start his career.

 Winta Patriots ~ Rader Racing

~7 wins, 29.58 secs best time this season

All-star owner Steve Sarras has another Boston namesake looking for a Stakes title this year. Rader Racing will be looking to get back to the winner’s circle after winning the 2012 Futurity with O Ya Billy Bob.

JS Jump For Joy ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins Kennel

~6 wins, 29.39 secs best time

Owner Shannon Henry won this title with JS SpeedyPebbles last year and has a great chance to win back to back Futurity Championships with her new greyhound sensation this year. Jump For Joy is one of the fastest puppies this club has ever seen, with two sub 29.40 secs wins already in her young career.

Next Best

Loop A ~ Douglas Kennel

Tasha Jo ~ Douglas Kennel

Oaks Tiffany ~ Rader Racing

CRT Boom Borges ~ Champions Racing Team


IMark Chico ~ B & B Racing

I Love It ~ Rader Racing

SM Jimma Jamma ~ Royal Racing


Me- I have to go with AMF Pushover here. Has looked the most impressive to me of all the entries. Simply does not give up in any race he starts. That 29.39 secs best time isn’t too shabby either.

Track Announcer “Dogtrack” Mike Jameson

“As much as I love the flying finishes of AMF Pushover, I think that JJ’s Tango will dance his way into the winner’s circle."

Track Announcer "FasTrak" Dale Simons

My early picks to win are Atascocita Calm, Loop A, and I Love It. Going with Loop A for my top pick.”

George Quinn –

Even though he has only one Grade A race under his belt, I’m going with JJ’s Tango from Rader Racing. Only 9 career starts and already has 6 wins. Second fastest time of the field and can overcome trouble."

What new superstars will come out of this Tournament? We shall see in the next 3 weeks. Enjoy the Futurity everybody!

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