Palm Beach Superstar Saturday Preview 12-17-2016

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Jason Michael

December 17th, 2016

*Ethel Is Here*

I think Palm Beach knew it was my birthday.

With a lineup like this coming up in Saturday's Matinee, this is a card that features many of the top athletes that roar around this South Florida historical track on a weekly basis.  Record breaker Ethel Is Here, Whirlin Toodlelu, & Cbj Tootsie Roll headline the action that should get any race fan jazzed for the weekend.  I certainly am.

Here is our top picks for Superstar Saturday at "The Beach."

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Race 6 Grade A 545 Yards

"Big Mac" #5 Blu Too Tarmac is either firing on all cylinders or totally off form this season.  With two straight wins, I'm banking on the hot streak continuing. The King of Royal Racing sizzles on the midtrack.

Picks 5-7-2-4

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*Janice Dean*

Race 10 Grade A 545 Yards

Snow is all over the northern part of the U.S. but the "Weather Machine" in Palm County is the one people are paying more attention to.

The Fox News prognosticator has brought the heat in the last 6 weeks, scoring four wins and looking stronger as the season rolls along.  This is one storm that no Grade A hound wants any part of at this point.

Watch out for #6 Centex Beach from the Agganis Kennel who returns from a two month vacation to try and build on a solid start to her career from last summer.

Janice Dean impresses once again.

Picks 4-7-8-6

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Race 12 Grade A 545 Yards

This is one of my favorite greyhounds ever and I've been watching this track my entire life.  Ethel just rules.

#1 Ethel Is Here from the Janie Carroll Kennel goes for her 63rd career victory on the "Rhonda Course Saturday and is setup to dominate here.  Half the field is "B" Grade dogs and she gets the prime 1 box to fire from.  Sit back and watch one of the best of all time expand her resume.

Picks 1-2-6-3

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*Cbj Tootsie Roll*

Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

The name and the game have Tootsie Roll on the road to stardom.

#4 Cbj Tootsie Roll from the Royal Racing Team has been the surprise of this 2016 campaign, taking 11 wins and hitting the board an outstanding 87% of her starts.  She uses that chocolatey fast break to take leads on opponents that she rarely relinquishes.

#1 Dutch Gabby from the surging Lester Raines Kennel has to be the leading candidate to stop the Tootsie Roll drawing the hot one hole.

Tootsie Roll keeps on trucking.

Picks 4-1-3-6

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*Whirlin Toodlelu*

Race 15 Grade A 545 Yards

The only greyhound to even come within sniffing distance of Ethel Is Here's popularity is the one they call "Toodles."

#1 Whirlin Toodlelu from the Douglas Kennel has made fans around the globe this season, with her dynamite closing style and try to the very end racing game.  Toodlelu goes for win #15 this season against a field that is highly beatable.  Ignore that 6th place finish last time out, as that was a total fluke.

Toodles sends the players to the ticket window to cash in the finale to end one entertaining Matinee puppy party.

Picks 1-8-2-6

Top Pick Race 12 - #1 Ethel Is Here

Top Long Shot Race 8 - #1 Barts MerryBliss

Enjoy the action everybody!