Palm Beach Superstar Saturday Preview 5-20-2017

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Jason Michael

May 20th, 2017

Palm Beach has done it yet again.

11 Grade A showdowns as a delicious appetizer for the Preakness is exactly what race fans crave.  With a superstar for everybody running in this Matinee, the entertainment value is off the charts on this third weekend in May.

Here's the top races we'll be following for Superstar Saturday at "The Beach."

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Race 9 Grade A 545 Yards

She's one of the most popular greyhounds in the country and for good reason.

20 time winner this season #5 Whirlin Toodlelu from the Douglas Kennel combines the perfect game of stellar rush and lethal close.  "Toodles" is sitting in a nice spot mid track, where she can let the early speed go and pick them off coming for home.

Possible long shots could include #8 Just Spin or #7 Kb's Katana.

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Toodlelu gets another victory in what has been a superb season.

Picks 5-4-8-1

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Race 10 Grade A 545 Yards

#2 Super C Martha has just been sensational this season.

Twelve wins in nineteen starts has this youngster leading the Lester Raines Kennel in sunny South Florida's racing scene.  One powerful greyhound who has the ability to put a hurtin on the stopwatch if she takes the lead early. A 29.29 secs early season romp proves that point.

Martha rolls here.

Picks 2-4-7-8

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Race 12 Grade A 545 Yards

My buddy on the Backstretch Show host Mike Balsamo wants the Moooooooooose calls to fade.  If he keeps winning, the calls will only get louder at Belvedeere & Congress Avenue in West Palm Beach.

#4 GV MooseIsLoose from the Douglas Kennel is the unquestioned best breaker at The Club, and has turned that early speed into three straight victories.  Check this stat....Moose has ran 29.70 secs splits exactly in all three of those wins.  You don't see that everyday. Amazing consistency.

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Look out for #2 JN's I B Slammin from Rader Racing who could give Moose a challenge with his hot first step and 18 season wins.

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Mooooooooooose keeps the calls coming, as they'll ring late into the night on Saturday.

Picks 4-2-8-3

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Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

 You ready for a heavyweight bout?

"Kid Dynamite" #5 Superior Tyson from B & B Racing is starting to close in on 50 career wins for the former St Patricks Day champion.  Tyson will be the heavy favorite in this one and he should be. Weighing in at a powerful 75 pounds out of the Bronx, New York, this is one intimidating greyhound to be in the ring with.

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Puppy Stakes Champ #4 Char Draper could be a nice long shot if Tyson stumbles.

Give Tyson another knockout victory here.

Picks 5-4-7-8

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Race 15 Grade TA 660 Yards

You'll want to stick around to see the "Fabulous One" take flight.

#6 Fraulein Morgan from the Janie Carroll Kennel is putting together a season of historical proportions. 33 victories and is lapping the competition in the track championship chase that she has already clinched.  The St Pats Champion and Derby Finalist has been in the money 48 of 50 times this year (96%) which is absolutely unheard of. Go look up any greyhound in history and you won't find an athlete that has numbers like that.

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#5 BartsRunninLoose has been Morgan's best competition lately and should run stride for stride with her early. These two should make for the easiest quineila play all day.

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Morgan ends a superstar card with a superstar victory.

Picks 6-5-2-1

Top Pick Race 10 - #2 Super C Martha

Best Long Shot  Race 4 - #3 Amanda A Winner

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Enjoy all the race action in Baltimore for the Preakness and all day at the Palm Beach Kennel Club!