Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings August 2016

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Jason Michael

September 4th, 2016

*GV MooseIsLoose*

As always this time of year, the young stars of Palm Beach have joined the veterans of the track at the top of the pyramid.  The Puppy Stakes Tournament is giving us a glimpse of the future talent and the middle distance has become the most competitive its been in a very long time.

Here are the Top 10 greyhounds for August at "The Beach."

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#1 GV MooseIsLoose ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~9 wins on the season, 29.42 secs best ever time

One of the best rookies of all time at Palm Beach continues to roll.  With that ultimate first step out of the box, Mooooooooose has gained celebrity status with fans across the globe.  The eyes of the Daytona 550 National Championship committee are squarely on this bonafide superstar.

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#2 Big Red Dog  ~ Sprinter  ~ Rader Racing

~8 wins on the season, 29.54 secs best ever time

The heavy favorite to take home the 20K top prize in the Labor Day Puppy Stakes Final on Monday.  "Clifford" is another fire box breaker who is very tough to catch if he gets the lead. Yet another young superstar from the 11 time kennel champs from Rader Racing.

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#3 Fraulein Morgan  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 8 wins on the season, 37.62 secs best ever time

The "Bachelorette" has absolutely been on fire since this season started in July.  Has surprised many by becoming the top middle distance racer on the "Rhonda" Course with her solid combination of breaking and closing abilities.

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#4 Sentinel  ~ Sprinter  ~ Ryan Racing

~ 8 wins on the season, 29.28 secs best ever time

Taking the Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt approach, owners have decided to retire "Sensational" Sentinel at the top of his game.  The Memorial Day & Firecracker 545 winner had a tremendous career and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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#5 Ethel Is Here  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 4 wins on the season, 37.13 secs best ever time (Track Record)

The living legend herself continues to be the ultimate competitor on the toughest course at Palm Beach.  Janie Carroll's team of middle distance racers have just been awesome this season with Ethel, Morgan & TwistnTheNitAway.

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#6 Go Big Or GoHome  ~ Sprinter  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.28 secs best ever time

The "Backstretch Bullet" ended the month with three straight victories, looking like the top prospect we have been expecting to see since he burst on the scene last season.  Could be the most dynamite closer on the Royal Palm Course.

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#7 Pepper Cream  ~ Super Sprinter  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 7 wins on the season, 16.35 secs best ever time

Since Kb's Like A Fox retired, the super sprint course has been a free for all.  Pepper has weathered the storm, taking 50% of his races this season and staying perfect out of his favorite 1 hole.

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#8 Blu Too Tarmac  ~ Sprinter  ~ Royal Racing

~ 4 wins on the season, 29.33 secs best ever time

"Big Mac" has started slower than expected this season but don't let that fool you.  Mac is one of the best sprinters in South Florida and can heat up quickly at any time.

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#9 Whirlin Toodlelu  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~4 wins on the season, 29.23 secs best ever time

Besides Big Red Dog, Toodlelu will be the other favorite to bring home 20K on Labor Day.  Has the ability to smoke blazing sprint times, especially if given a favorable inside box.

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#10 Atascocita Unify  ~ Sprinter  ~ Suncoast Racing

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.54 secs best ever time

The Futurity Finalist & 20 time winner last season has started to heat up, taking three of his last five starts.

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*Atascocita Camry*

Honorable Mention

Atascocita Camry, Superior Tyson, Nb's KissTheRoad, JustDoInMyThing, Shutters N Sails, JohnnyCantWait, OYa Baby Blue, JS Tim Tation, Hilco Diva, Barts Dublin, Sg's Cal Ripkin, Centex Beach, Ice Buster, Kaias Seeing Red, TC's Posey, Pat C Short Cut, Min Lee, Sprite Episode, Oaks Cassie, Janice Dean, Dancin Lafonda, Blu Too Ataree, JS ImTattoed, JS Jet Pack, Par Five Hour, Atascocita Nate, Quick Reserve