Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings February 2015

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Jason Michael

March 2nd, 2015


Hustle It Up

A fabulous month of February racing just concluded at The Palm Beach Kennel Club! Great action that included one of the most prestigious Stakes series in the country with the $50,000 James W. Paul Derby Final. Continuing to follow the two National Championship Finalists in Storm Control & JS SpeedyPebbles has also been a treat. The top Handling greyhound track in the country just continues to impress.

Here are the February Top 10 Rankings for the superstars running at "The Beach."


#1 Hustle It Up ~ Sprinter ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 23 wins, 29.49 secs season best time

The current season wins leader has been the most consistent racer at Palm Beach, hitting the board in 89% of her races.  Another month of solid racing by Hustle would put this Track Championship race out of contention for anybody else.  Rare combo of sweet rush and a killer close.


#2 Storm Control ~ Sprinter ~ B & B Racing

~15 wins, 29.39 secs season best time

The National Championship runner-up is one of the best breakers in the entire country. Will be going for his 3rd Stakes title on the season in the St. Patrick’s Invitational for all star owner Steve Schlachter.


#3 KB’s Gold Rider ~ Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

~12 wins, 29.50 secs season best time

The "Golden Greyhound" is the hottest racer at Palm Beach. Came back from an extended vacation this month and has been ripping up the track, taking his last 4 races. Was a Finalist in the Fall Puppy Stakes and will get another chance at a Stakes Title in the St. Pat's on March 14th.


#4 Atascocita Sybil ~ Marathon ~ Suncoast Racing

~14 wins, 41.78 secs season best time

Simply the best Marathon racer here. Her closing style suits her perfect for this distance. Suncoast Racing is absolutely owning the Marathon this season.


#5 PJ Smoke Em Out ~ Sprinter ~ Agganis Kennel

~18 wins, 29.64 sec season best time

One of the top lid flippers in the country. Second this season in wins and has become very difficult to catch on the lead as his career has continued. Trainer Bob Dawson has his superstar running tremendous at Palm Beach.


#6 Pat C Brightly ~ Sprinter & Middle Distance ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~9 wins, 29.92 secs season best time (545 yard), 37.60 secs (660 yard)

The 2015 Derby Champion was outstanding in the Tournament, taking the title in a blistering 37.92 secs. This was her Kennel's 5th Derby Title in their long history of outstanding racers here.


#7 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~16 wins, 29.45 secs best season time

The “Queen of Palm Beach” is just coming back from a break after the Daytona 550, but should come back strong as the season rolls along. The fan support that this greyhound gets is just amazing.


#8 Ethel Is Here ~ Middle Distance ~Janie Carroll Kennel

~16 wins, 37.28 secs season best time

The track record holder didn’t run well in the Derby Tournament but is easily still the most dangerous racer at this distance. Don’t be surprised if she catches fire quickly again in the near future.


#9 KB’s Like A Fox ~ Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

~15 wins, 16.48 secs season best time

“The Fox” is still the best super sprinter here, but has some serious competition at this distance with Nikita’s First returning to action.


#10 SM Houndman ~ Sprinter ~ ABS Racing Team

~10 wins, 29.69 secs season best time

Owners Mike Seeger & Nancy Meyer have a hot shot rookie stalking the top sprinters at the track. Won 3 Grade A races this month and is continuing to get better with each start. A racer to keep your eye on without a doubt.


Jj's Tango



Honorable Mention

Nikita’s First, Turbo Casper, Nothin ForNothin, Loop A, Pat C Short Cut, Java Beretta, Jj’s Tango, Pat C Rapper, Tah Tyler, Kb’s Santa Lucia, HareRaisnGudTime, Peddler, Superior Philly, Pat C Shyne.