Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings January 2017

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Jason Michael

February 3rd, 2017

*Janice Dean*

One of our favorite greyhound racing months of the year just wrapped up!  With the He's My Man Tourney and the National Championship rolling at the same time, the excitement level this time of year is just outstanding.

Here is the top hounds we saw in January at "The Beach."

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#1 Fraulein Morgan  ~ Middle Distance ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~23 wins on the season, 37.37 secs best ever time

"Fabulous" Morgan grabs the #1 ranking for the fourth straight month in our poll.  Fraulein has been the most consistent racer all season long and leads the championship chase by a whopping eight victories. When's the last time you saw a greyhound go 34/34 in the money in one season like Morgan has?

The Monte Jacobs owned star will get a prime chance at proving her legacy when the Derby Tournament gets fired up in February.

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#2 Janice Dean  ~ Sprinter/Middle Distance  ~ Brindle Kennel

~14 wins on the season, 29.30 secs best ever time (Sprint) 37.31 secs (Middle Distance)

"The Weather Machine" brought home the Brindle Kennel's first ever Classic title when Dean scored the 50K win last Saturday afternoon.  Trainer Alvin Rink thinks his new champ is even better at the longer distance 660 yard, where Janice will compete in the Derby tournament.  Multiple stakes titles this season are very possible with the Fox News favorite.

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#3 Big Red Dog  ~ Sprinter  ~ Rader Racing

~14 wins on the season, 29.47 secs best ever time

When you've got superior box speed, you are going to win a lot of races, which is exactly what "Clifford" has done in his career.  The double stakes finalist is well rested and primed for a big second half of the season.

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#4 Kb's Katana  ~ Sprinter  ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~10 wins on the season, 29.41 secs best ever time

The surprise of the He's My Man Tournament.  Not many people had Katana on their radar before last month, but a runner up finish in one of the biggest tournaments in greyhound racing history has the Palm Beach fans taking notice.  Fantastic move by owner Jason Hess bringing Katana over from Naples last summer to the Atlantic side.

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#5 Hot Prospect Gal  ~ Sprinter  ~ Agganis Kennel

~10 wins on the season, 29.26 best ever time

Dropped the jaws of many onlookers in the He's My Man SemiFinals when this Gal smoked a 29.26 secs victory.  A fantastic board hitter too, as she is hitting at a 87% clip this season for trainer Bob Dawson.

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#6 Barts Big Bang  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~15 wins on the season, 29.19 secs best ever time

One half of the "Barts Bros."  Big Bang was a finalist in last months He's My Man and is currently second in wins for the season behind Fraulein Morgan.  When he is in an outside post watch out, the stop watch can light up very quickly.

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#7 BartsRockTheBoat ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~ 8 wins on the season, 29.71 secs best ever time

The absolute widest runner I've ever seen run here. The other half of the "Barts Bros" looks like he runs at least 50 yards longer then all other competitors with his style, but his races are ones you can't take your eye off. Huge closes and dramatic finishes are expected with this guy.  Exciting racer. Just watch out if you are standing on the fence line at Palm Beach when he's running.

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#8 Whirlin Toodlelu ~  Sprinter ~  Douglas Kennel

~ 15 wins on the season, 29.23 secs best ever time

"Toodles" and her team had to be disappointed with her missing out on the HMM Finals, but she has looked sharp throughout the entire season.  Certainly a prime contender for a lot more wins this year and a St Pats Championship come March.  Has one of the more enthusiastic fan bases of any greyhound here.

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#9 O Ya Sunflower  ~ Sprinter  ~ Lester Raines Kennel

~ 9 wins on the season, 29.54 secs best ever time

Little Miss Sunny at not even two years old has already ran against the best of the best in two stakes finals.  Huge future for this budding star and the clear leader of the newest Kennel at "The Beach."

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#10 Ethel Is Here  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 14 wins on the season, 37.13 secs best ever time (Track Record)

One more go round for the "Living Legend" as she will be retiring after she defends her title in the Derby in February.  As long as shes running, she's on this Top 10 list without question.

*Superior Tyson is currently on vacation and should return to the Top 10 before the St Pats Championship in March.

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*Atascocita Camry*

Honorable Mention

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