Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings July 2015

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Jason Michael

August 2nd, 2015

*JS SpeedyPebbles*

Sensational start to the 2015-2016 racing season at Palm Beach! A record seven greyhounds are making their first appearance in the Top 10 this month, as the young superstars of South FLA are showing their talents. With two course records going down in July, Palm Beach once again established itself as an entertainment juggernaut in the greyhound industry.

Here are the Top 10 Rankings for July 2015 at “The Beach.”

#1 Atascocita Jolie ~ Marathon ~ Suncoast Racing

~ 2 wins on the season, 41.23 secs best time (Track Record)

When you break a Course Record that has stood since 2007, you deserve a lot of praise. Jolie did just that on June 26, then broke her own record on July 24. One of the most dynamic closers you will ever see and has been a must watch every Friday night she runs.

#2 Speeding Bullet ~ Sprinter ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 3 wins on the season, 28.92 secs best time (Track Record)

Surprised the world when he broke Rob Gronkowski’s Royal Palm Course record on July 24. The first greyhound to ever break the 29 second plateau here, the sky is the limit on what this greyhound can accomplish in his career. Just turned 2 years old, so more magic is certainly possible with this new superstar.

#3 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.42 secs best time

“The Queen” vacationed frequently at the end of last season and it has paid off so far this year. A perfect 3 for 3 for wins and ran her fastest time since her rookie campaign this month (29.42 secs) A social media darling without a doubt.

#4 Mrl Getting Even ~ Middle Distance ~ B & B Racing

~ 3 wins on the season, 37.50 secs best time

Owns the two top 660 yard splits so far this season. Seems to be just warming up and could rip off near record breaking times if the conditions are ripe.

#5 Cbj Jackie O ~ Sprinter ~ Royal Racing Team

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.55 secs best time

One of the premier greyhounds at Palm Beach. Is the best 545 yard closer and top candidate for the Daytona 550 National Championship come January. A must watch on the backstretch because she is always in the hunt for a victory.
Ex Robber

#6 Amf Ex Robber ~ Sprinter ~ B & B Racing

~ 4 wins on the season, 29.53 secs best time

Came out firing on the new season, reeling off 4 straight victories. Showing dynamite box popping skills that have been on an elite level so far.  Just missed the age requirement for the Puppy Stakes next month by a few weeks. A hot puppy prospect to keep your eye on this season.

#7 Winta Garoppolo ~ Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

~ 4 wins on the season, 29.36 secs best time

Look out South Florida, all-star owner Steve Sarras has another potential star running here that could be one for the ages. Garoppolo is a favorite for next months Puppy Stakes and is currently one of the season wins leaders with 4. Rare combo of solid rush and superb close.

#8 Fraulein Morgan ~ Middle Distance ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 4 wins on the season, 37.83 secs best time

One of the most consistent racers on the “Rhonda” Course. Is a current win leader and has hit the board in an impressive 12 straight starts. Trainer Crystal Carroll told me that she was one of the fastest dogs she had seen at Hollywood and is indeed a good one.  Will be a force to reckon with this season at "The Beach."
Key To Win

#9 Kb’s Key To Win ~ Sprinter ~ B & B Racing

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.55 secs best time

Current three race winning streak for the veteran. Did have 18 wins last season and could make some noise as the season goes along.

#10 HotFoot Rihanna ~ Sprinter ~ Suncoast Racing

~ 4 wins on the season, 29.71 secs best time

One of the top lid flippers at “The Beach,” which gives her a chance at victory every time she starts.

*Kb’s Like A Fox & SM Houndman are both currently on vacation and should return to racing within the next few months.

*Paid Vacation*

Honorable Mention

Party of One, Paid Vacation, PJ Smoke Em Out, HareRaisnGudTime, Oaks Maddy, Hustle It Up, Superior Philly, Barts Dublin, Turbo Casper, Atascocita Cleta,  Superior Dash, Atascocita Sybil, Craigie Piney, Amf Ex Quake, HotFoot Pink, Atascocita Janis