Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings May 2015

Profile Picture: Jason Michael

Jason Michael

June 3rd, 2015

*Pat C Short Cut*

Another fantastic month of action just wrapped up at The Palm Beach Kennel Club! With just one month left in the racing season, Championships are still left to be decided and superstars are racing to see who the best is here.

Here are the Top 10 greyhounds for the month of May currently racing at “The Beach.”


#1 Pat C Short Cut ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~19 wins on the season, 29.12 secs best time

Simply the most powerful greyhound running here. Has the second fastest sprint time of any racer at Palm Beach, along with having the most dynamic close. This would be my early favorite to represent this track in the Daytona 550 National Championship in January.



#2 Kb’s Like A Fox ~ Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

~22 wins on the season, 16.48 secs best time

Won his 60th career race on 5/26, more than any super sprinter ever here. Fox now finds himself in the thick of the season wins championship, which he won last season.





#3 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~ 23 wins on the season, 29.45 secs best time

“The Queen” needs only one more W to tie for the wins lead this season. The 52 time career winner is dropping down to Grade B for the first time since 2013 in her next race. Biggest fan base of any greyhound here without a doubt #PebblesNation




#4 Cbj Jackie O ~ Sprinter ~ Royal Racing Team

~14 wins on the season, 29.39 secs best time

Burst on the scene in May. Has won 5 times in the past month and is showing one of the best closes in all of South FLA. Keep your eye on this hot shot rookie.



#5 Kb’s Gold Rider ~ Sprinter ~ Rader Racing

~18 wins on the season, 29.43 secs best time

Winner of one of the Rooney’s Cup races on Memorial Day. Can pop the lid with the best of them at Palm Beach.





#6 SM Houndman ~ Sprinter ~ ABS Racing Team

~ 16 wins on the season, 29.59 secs best time

One of the only racers at “The Beach” that has wins over all the top racers at this track. The Houndmannnnn has been an exciting racer to watch all season long for owners Mike Seeger & Nancy Meyers.





#7 Paid Vacation ~ Middle Distance ~ Ryan Racing

~15 wins on the season, 37.60 secs best time

Currently the top racer in a wide open middle distance roster. The Derby Finalist has stepped up his game in May, winning 5 times.




#8 JS ToHotToHandle ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~17 wins on the season, 29.30 secs best time

Owner Shannon Henry’s other superstar. Rare combo of sweet rush and a solid closer. #TooColdToHold





#9 CRT Team Thunder ~ Sprinter ~ Champions Racing Team

~4 wins on the season, 29.73 secs best time

The Southland transfer is back home and has immediately started tearing up the Royal Palm Course. This summer should be very entertaining to watch this greyhound.


#10 O Ya Raspberry ~ Sprinter ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.29 secs best time

The newest sensation to hit the track. In the three wins she has had since transferring from Hollywood, her winning times have been 29.29, 29.48 & 29.33 secs.

*Small Bev*

Honorable Mention

Small Bev, Superior Philly, Arrghette, Pat C Shyne, Food Bank, Kb’s Key To Win, Relativity, Loop A, Pat C Brightly, HareRaisnGudTime, Lawyer Lance, Pat C Pownzer, Aye Doctor Ron