Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings May 2017

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Jason Michael

June 3rd, 2017

The racing really took off in May!  With help from two huge Triple Crown races, Palm Beach went over the one million handle mark on those days which just proves people really do love the sport of queens.  Race on Florida!

Here are the Top 10 greyhounds for the month of May at "The Beach."
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#1 Fraulein Morgan  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~33 wins, 37.37 secs best ever time

The historic season continues.

She's been #1 pretty much all year for a reason.  Two more victories this month pushes her season total to 33.  Even more impressive is scoring 50/52 (96%) in the money this year.  The "Fabulous" One is one of the all time greats ever at Palm Beach.
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#2 Super C Martha  ~ Sprinter  ~ Lester Raines Kennel

~13 wins on the season, 29.30 secs best ever time

One of the best greyhounds in all of Florida period.  Found the winners circle twice this month and has the ability to win from any box she starts from.  Your top contender for next years Track Championship.
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#3 Whirlin Toodlelu  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~22 wins on the season, 29.22 secs best ever time

"Toodles" just rules.  Has now found a fantastic break to go along with her already lethal closing ability.  Smoked the 5th fastest sprint time of the season this month with her personal best 29.22 secs romp.  Most popular greyhound here right now.
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#4 Tcs D Wade  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~19 wins on the season, 29.34 secs best ever time

The basketballer D Wade may have left South Florida for Chicago, but the greyhound is here to fill the void.

Wade from the deep squad at the Douglas Kennel put in his best month of racing yet, winning 5 of his last 6 races and flying up our rankings in doing so.  Under the rader until now, this is a racer to keep your eye on as we close up shop this season.
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#5 Superior Tyson  ~ Sprinter  ~ B & B Racing

~19 wins on the season, 29.31 secs best ever time.

"Kid Dynamite" continues to be one of the best around, even with his 4th birthday coming up in July.  The 2016 St Pats winner is creeping up towards 50 all time victories, which is amazing considering how much time he has vacationed in his career.

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#6 Hi Noon Vortex  ~ Super Sprinter  ~ Lester Raines Kennel

~20 wins on the season, 16.35 secs best ever time

Finally a hound that can string some wins together on the KBLF Super Sprint Course!

Vortex smashed four straight victories to end the month of May.  His best time of 16.35 secs is the fastest we have seen this season.  Can he keep up this new found mojo into the summer racing schedule?
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#7 Big Red Dog  ~ Sprinter  ~ Rader Racing

~23 wins on the season, 29.46 secs best ever time

"Clifford" has had one wail of a season.  Three stakes championship finals and second in wins for the historic team from Rader Racing.  Consistently one of the best fire breakers in the country.
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#8 Gv's MooseIsLoose  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~18 wins on the season, 29.42 secs best ever time

The Mooooooooose is still a crowd favorite with his dynamic rushing ability.  Has loved his new home in South FLA after calling St Petersburg home to start his career.
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#9 Dutch Amy Jo  ~ Marathon  ~ Lester Raines Kennel

~9 wins on the season, 41.40 secs best ever time

Looks to be the best marathon racer since Atascocita Jolie.  Amy Joe has won 5 of her first 7 races on the 738 yard course and seems to fit the distance perfectly.  Trainer Kurt Trzeciak is starting to build one dynamic squad in his kennel.
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#10 Amf Sweet Pete ~ Sprinter  ~ B & B Racing

~9 wins on the season, 29.42 secs best ever time

Best month ever for the sweet sensation from last years team champions.  4 wins in May, including his first ever victory blanket on Memorial Day.
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Honorable Mention

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