Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings September 2015

Profile Picture: Jason Michael

Jason Michael

October 3rd, 2015

*Pat C Short Cut*

We are now officially through the first quarter of the season at Palm Beach after the conclusion of a super month of September racing. Many talented greyhounds this season have every championship here up for grabs and the action should be tremendous to follow leading into Stakes Season.

Here are the Top 10 racers for September at “The Beach.”

#1 Pat C Short Cut ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~ 3 wins on the season, 29.12 secs best ever time

One of the top closers in the country is back on top. The former #1 Ranked greyhound here looks like he is on a mission to bring home some championships  after having a solid month of racing. “Shorty” could be in for a special season.

#2 Cbj Jackie O ~ Sprinter ~ Royal Racing

~7 wins on the season, 29.36 secs best ever time

Another one of the top closers around. Jackie has excited fans the last two seasons with her dynamic final kick and all heart racing style. One of my favorite greyhounds around.

#3 JS ToHotToHandle ~ Sprinter ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~7 wins on the season, 29.30 secs best ever time

The #1 racer from last month cooled off in September with only one victory, but she can easily heat up again as the season progresses. One of the top rushes in the entire club.

#4 Barts Dublin ~ Sprinter ~ Douglas Kennel

~9 wins on the season, 29.52 secs best ever time

Your current season wins leader at “The Beach.” The consistent sprinter has the best winning percentage of any greyhound running this season (52%). Can he keep this pace up?

#5 HotFoot Rihanna ~ Sprinter ~ Suncoast Racing

~8 wins on the season, 29.50 secs best ever time

Right in the thick of the season wins chase with her early speed game. Rihanna & sister HotFoot Pink are two of the best siblings at the track.

#6 Cbj Smokin Hot ~ Middle Distance ~ Royal Racing

~ 7 wins on the season, 37.61 secs best ever time

The newest rookie sensation to hit the “Rhonda” Course for owner Carmen Jorgensen.  A possible rivalry with Ethel could be one of the best around if Smokin turns out to be a star.

#7 Ethel Is Here ~ Middle Distance ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 2 wins on the season, 37.28 secs best time ever (Track Record)

One of the best 3/8ths milers ever is still racing into shape after an extended vacation this summer. Should continue back to top form in time for the $50,000 Derby in February.

#8 JW Wyatt Earp ~ Sprinter ~ Douglas Kennel

~ 7 wins on the season, 29.57 secs best ever time

The hottest rookie in all of South Florida. Has stormed on the scene after transferring from Southland with 4 wins in his last 6 races. Can he become a major factor before the Big 3 Stakes races start in January?

#9 Java Beretta ~ Sprinter ~ Champions Racing Team

~ 6 wins on the season, 29.43 secs best ever time

Possesses one of the top rush and close combos around under the guidance of new trainer Lisa Lussier.

#10 Amf Wild Burst ~ Sprinter ~ B & B Racing

B & B Racing has been remarkably consistent this year, fielding a talented and deep Team. Wild Burst is currently on a 3 race winning streak after taking the Pink Award Feature Race.

Honorable Mention

Kb’s Like A Fox, HotFoot Pink, Amf Bombs Acomin, JohnnyCantWait, Cbj BabyFace, Bf Par Snipe, Victory Gallant, PJ Timeless, Paid Vacation, Atascocita Mare, Kiowa Hathaway, PJ Smoke Em Out