Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings September 2016

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Jason Michael

October 4th, 2016

Another great month of action at the Palm Beach Kennel Club!  We saw a new Puppy Stakes Champion crowned on Labor Day and new stars starting to emerge as we head into the fall racing season.

Here are the Top Rankings for September at "The Beach."

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#1 Fraulein Morgan  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 10 wins on the season, 37.62 secs best ever time

"The Bachelorette" is the most consistent racer of any athlete this season.  Currently tied for the track championship for victories and sports the top winning percentage of any active greyhound at Palm Beach (66%) Great burst of early speed and dynamic closing ability give her a chance at victory every time she starts.

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#2 GV MooseIsLoose  ~ Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~ 10 wins on the season, 29.42 secs best ever time

"The Moose" went through a drought of getting to the winners circle in September, but showed on the final day of the month that he is still the premiere sprinter at Palm Beach, scorching a 29.56 secs victory.  Even with the slow few weeks, Moose was able to keep pace in the track championship chase because of the torrid start he had in July & August.  Right now is your Daytona 550 National Championship representative here.

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#3 Superior Tyson  ~ Sprinter  ~ B & B Racing

~ 4 wins on the season, 29.21 secs best ever time

"Kid Dynamite" is officially back.

The 30 time winner and St Pats Invitational Champion tore up the Royal Palm Course in September, posting three consecutive blazing wins to end the month.  After taking two months off after last seasons breakout campaign for a well deserved South FLA vacation, Tyson is absolutely one to watch going forward as he continues to race back into shape.

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#4 Ethel Is Here  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

~ 6 wins on the season, 37.13 secs best ever time (Track Record)

The living legend herself just continues to prove she's one of the best greyhounds to ever step paw onto this track.  Three more victories this past month for the Track Champ from last season only has the enormous fan base around the world even more excited to watch Ethel run.

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#5 Cbj Tootsie Roll  ~ Sprinter  ~ Royal Racing Team

~ 5 wins on the season, 29.61 secs best ever time

The hottest rookie in South Florida after ripping off four straight Grade A victories in September. Just turned two years old at the end of the month and will continue to get better. Already one of the best fire breakers around. Cotton candy sweetie go let me see the Tootsie Roll!

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#6 Barts I'm On It  ~ Marathon  ~ Douglas Kennel

~ 6 wins on the season, 41.80 secs best ever time

The most consistent marathon runner here since record holder Atascocita Jolie left last summer.  Had a four race winning streak during the month in a distance that is extremely difficult to stay on top in.  The depth of the Douglas Kennel this season has been remarkable.

#7 Kten Grace  ~ Super Sprinter  ~ Douglas Kennel

~ 8 wins on the season, 16.38 secs best ever time

In the ever changing world that is super sprinting, Grace looks right now to be the fastest of them all.  A 62% winner this season for the top team at "The Beach" this season.

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#8 JohnnyCantWait  ~ Sprinter  ~ B & B Racing

~ 5 wins on the season, 29.39 secs best ever time

Time to give the "Impatient Greyhound" his due.  Won 21 races last season and scored victories in three straight starts in September.  When he's on his game he can run with any top A Grader here.

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#9 JS Tim Tation  ~ Sprinter  ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

~ 5 wins on the season, 29.52 secs best ever time

"Motown" had some of the most entertaining races of the entire month.  Loves to have the entire field get out in front early, only to reel them all in at the wire.  Welcome back to the Top 10 owner Shannon Henry!

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#10 Atascocita Lloyd  ~ Sprinter/ Middle Distance  ~ Suncoast Racing

~ 5 wins on the season, 29.87 secs best sprint time, 38.60 secs best middle distance time

Pulled one of the biggest shockers in finals history at Palm Beach when he scored the $20,000 Labor Day Puppy Stakes Championship at 23-1 odds.  With his dynamite closing ability, Lloyd has since moved over to the Pat C Rendezvous 660 yard Course to try out his skills in the middle distance.

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*Whirlin Toodlelu*

Honorable Mention

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