Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 10/30/2016

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Jason Michael

October 31st, 2016

The stars really showed up this past week at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.  Lets get into the top stories we witnessed at America's favorite greyhound destination.

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#1 Vs. #2

The debate between who was the best sprinter at Palm Beach had been heating up the last few months with how well Superior Tyson & GV MooseIsLoose have been running.  I called on the Racing Office to match up these superstars for the very first time and they delivered in last Wednesday's Matinee.

Something had to give.  Moose from the red hot Douglas Kennel came in with his track leading 12 sprint victories and "Iron Mike" Tyson having won five out of 6.

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In the end, it was the St Pats champ Superior Tyson from B & B Racing out of the 2 hole that bolted to the lead early and coasted home for the victory in 29.51 secs.

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"The Moose" sitting in a tough spot out of the 6 hole finished a disappointing 5th.  Moose favors an inside hole and has struggled in the big spots from the outside.  Same thing happened to him when he faced the now retired Sentinel back in early August.

Without question, these are the two most lethal sprinters right now in South Florida and we all cane hope that these two draw again in the near future.

Here's the replay from the marquee race from Wednesday:

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National Championship And He's My Man Tournament Clash

It was announced this week that the 2017 He's My Man Tournament Final at Palm Beach will be run on Saturday January 28th.  Why is this significant?  Our Daytona 550 National Championship is the weekend before on January 21st, which means no Palm runner will be able to run in both tournaments like previous participants were able to do in years past.

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Superior Tyson & GV MooseIsLoose are both on the selection committees radar, but what happens if both athletes decline and run in the He's My Man?  Nobody can fault any team for declining the National Championship here.  The HMM is a $50,000 juggernaut that is one of the most prestigious titles in all of greyhound racing.

United Greyhound Racing understands that having a Palm Beach dog in the National Championship is important, but they won't put a representative in just to do it.  Here's a few sprinters from "The Beach" that could be super substitutes if Tyson & Moose both pass on the NC:

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Blu Too Tarmac - Royal Racing

Nearly a 50% career winner and has shown flashes of brilliance in the past two seasons. Does possesses swift closing ability which you need to win the Daytona 550. Plus "Big Mac" has a huge following of fans that would immediately be all over this championship if he was selected.

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Whirlin Toodlelu ~ Douglas Kennel

Winner of four straight and has a flare for the dramatic.  Most of her wins this season have seen her firing up the homestretch to steal victories away from the competition at the very last moment.  Has blazed a 29.23 secs split, third fastest sprint time of any greyhound this season.

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Cbj Tootsie Roll ~ Royal Racing

Probably a long shot, but the young phenom does have 7 wins already in her young career and brings a fire out of the box that can hang with anybody.

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The next few months leading up through the selection process will be very interesting.  One thing is for sure....Tyson and Moose's camps have a lot to think about when it comes to this decision.

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The Living Legend Adds Another Classic To Her Career

There is nobody that gets the fans more exited then track record holder Ethel Is Here.

After winning the Derby, breaking the 660 yard course record multiple times & snagging a piece of the Track Championship last season, Ethel has is a must watch every time she starts. She continued her outstanding career on Thursday, roaring back from behind to take her 57th victory at "The Beach" in heart stopping fashion winning by a head that needed a photo to decide it.

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Top 10 Rankings Coming Out!

One of our favorite things to put out during the month is our Top 10 Rankings of the best athletes at Palm Beach.  Look for our October Rankings to be out on our site coming out this week!  Who will be #1?
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That's all we have for this week.  See you next time for the Wrap Up!