Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 1/29/2017

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Jason Michael

January 30th, 2017

*He's My Man Classic Winner Janice Dean*

This was one gigantic week at The Palm Beach Kennel Club!  A new champion was crowned, we already know who is going to win the Super Bowl and a certain news network is going to do a feature on their Monday show about their favorite greyhound.

Lets get into the top stories we saw from this previous week at "The Beach."

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Janice Dean Wins The Classic

In one fantastic way to end the best tournament at Palm Beach, Janice Dean "The Weather Machine" from the Brindle Kennel took home the 50K top prize in the He's My Man Classic Saturday afternoon after storming back from behind for the victory. The 29.66 secs win was the first ever championship for the Brindle team in the Classic.

Trainer Alvin Rink was interviewed on The BigJackpotBetting Show with Randy Birch after the race and was understandably elated.

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"This is great...unbelievable!" Rink said.  "She's our best dog to ever run at Palm Beach.  We were thrilled when she drew the 8 box on Thursday.  She's an exceptional dog who loves to run.  She would want to run again tomorrow if we let her."

What's next for Janice Dean?  She is slated to compete in the James W Paul 3/8ths Mile Derby in February, which Rink is hopeful about another title.

"I think she can run the 660 better then the 545," Rink stated.  "She has more time to run down the competition."

Replay of the championship race:

Congrats to all connections on this tremendous victory.

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Janice Dean To Be Featured On Fox And Friends Monday Morning

In what might be the most fairy tale story to ever happen to Palm Beach, Fox & Friends on the Fox News Network will do a feature on He's My Man Champion Janice Dean on Monday morning (6:00-9:00 AM EST).

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Dean who is named after Fox's famous weather girl has been a huge fan of her new favorite greyhound since the beginning of this season.  Dean has followed our coverage on Twitter and always retweets anything about her namesake to her massive amounts of followers.

After Dean the greyhound won the Classic, the real Janice messaged me and was ecstatic to announce that the replay from the Classic was going to be rebroadcast on the show.  She also wants to show how well the athletes are treated on a day to day basis and also is seriously considering adopting this greyhound when the racing career is over!

To say this is a big victory for Palm Beach & the sport of greyhound racing is an understatement to say the least.  With all the goof balls in Tallahassee right now trying to shut down the sport with their massive lies and bologna agendas, this national coverage will surely slow them right in their tracks.  Thank you to Janice Dean and Fox News for highlighting what a special sport this is and the incredible athletes that are a part of it.

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Pooch Predictor Race Calls For A Blowout In The Super Bowl

Atlanta Falcons fans turn away....the greyhounds think you are in big trouble next Sunday in the big game.

In the annual Pooch Predictor Race at Palm Beach on Saturday, two greyhounds attempted once again to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl.  JS Regan represented the New England Patriots, while JS Riot wore the colors of the Atlanta Falcons.

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In what officials say has never happened in this race before, the Falcons hound was completely turned in the box when the gates flew open and never even attempted to run.  The Patriots rep however bolted from the starting gate and coasted home for victory.

Why is this significant?  Well in the last 20 years, the greyhounds have accurately predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl 14 times, including last years win by the Denver Broncos.  If the greyhounds are yet again right with their prognostication, Tom Brady will have another championship ring and the city of Boston will be parading in the streets.

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Fraulein Morgan Cannot Be Stopped

With everything going on Saturday with the He's My Man and Pooch Predictor Race, it was easy to overlook that the season wins leader Fraulein Morgan from owner Monte Jacobs was set to fire in the finale 15th.

Morgan didn't disappoint, as she won her fourth start in a row in dramatic fashion by out kicking the leader at the line by fractions of a second.  This was "The Bachelorette's" 23rd win on the season and has taken a dominant eight win advantage in the track championship chase.  She is simply incredible.

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One More Blanket To Give Out

Sunday Palm Beach wrapped up their big weekend by giving out one more trophy blanket with the Rooney's Golf Foundation Award Feature Race. The race was won by Hilco Diva from B & B Racing in 30.49 secs.

You ever notice how much greyhounds love these blankets?  Every award picture I've seen has these athletes grinning from ear to ear with it on.  I think they know how phenomenal they are and love to win.

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That's all we have for this week!  Make sure to tune into Fox and Friends Monday morning to support Palm Beach, Janice Dean the greyhound and our industry.  We'll see you next time for the Wrap Up!