Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 4-23-2017

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Jason Michael

April 24th, 2017

A fantastic week we just witnessed at The Palm Beach Kennel Club!  With the Puppy Stakes coming to a dramatic conclusion and one of South Florida's biggest stars being featured on the cover of the Greyhound Review, America's favorite dog track continues to be the home of superstars.

Here's the top stories we saw this past week at "The Beach."

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Puppy Stakes Semi-Finals

After four rounds of paw pulsing action, we are done to just eight elite finalists in the 51st Annual Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes.  They are:

Record Year - Lester Raines Kennel

JS Hot Pocket - Rader Racing

JS Digital Dash - Rader Racing

B Allstar Garth - Lester Raines Kennel

Barts UpFront - Rader Racing

Char Draper - Douglas Kennel

Char Vallon - Douglas Kennel

Speedy Charlie - Agganis Kennel

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Char Draper was the most impressive of all the semifinalists, blowing out the field in a swift 29.57 secs.  Draper also had one of the fastest splits in the first round in Puppy Stakes history with a blazing 29.41 secs W. If Draper gets an inside hole, the Douglas team could be raising their first Spring Tournament title since 2006.

Replay: http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420170423A12

Record Year continued his dominance of this tourney, winning his third straight contest in a box to wire 29.99 secs.  Lester Raines has won many titles in the sport at tracks around the country, but one at Palm Beach has eluded them thus far.  This could be the tourney that it all changes, especially since their team has Allstar Garth in the mix as well.

Replay: http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420170423A14

The all important box draw is this Thursday!

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Janice Dean Greyhound Superstar!

For the second straight year, Palm Beaches $50,000 Derby Champion is featured on the cover of The Greyhound Review! Janice who captured national attention by being featured on Fox News and winning two stakes titles this past winter, the honor was well deserved. Two great articles by Palm Beach handicapper "Priceless" Jeff Prince are included.

Here's a link to the full magazine online!


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Janice Dean Update

Many people around the country have wondered what happened to their favorite Fox News meteorologist the past two months with her being off the air.  After postponing the interview to have her greyhound namesake and team join her on the hit show Fox & Friends, fans have been asking me what exactly happened to Janice and if the greyhound spot would ever come about.

We found out why Janice took an abrupt leave of absence on Saturday, as she told the world that she had a cosmetic surgery that went terribly wrong.  Here is a link to the article she wrote:

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I talked with Janice on Thursday after the Greyhound Review story came out and she is super excited to back on television on Monday.  She also assured me that one of her top priorities is getting her favorite greyhound on the air with her...and soon.  Stay tuned for updates on this story that would be gigantic for the industry!
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Huge Storm Taking Over South FLA

Palm Beach has been hit by a serious storm....and that's a really good thing!

The newest sprint alpha hound at the Kennel Club is BartsWindWarning from the Douglas Kennel.  His swirling paws of fury the last three races have been ultra impressive, going 29.53, 29.42 & 29.49 secs in domination victories.  WindWarning who arrived in early March from Derby Lane just turned two years old last month, so many more races like we've seen this spring can be expected. Keep your eye on this monster of a storm that could impact South FLA for quite some time.
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On a non Palm Beach note, our Facebook page at BetAmerica hit the 30,000 likes plateau on Sunday!  Thank you to all the fans, players and readers who have enjoyed our site so much.
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That's all we have for this week.  We'll see you next time for the Wrap Up!