Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 5-28-2017

Jason Michael

May 29th, 2017

Happy Memorial Day everybody! As we celebrate the many veterans who gave their lives for this glorious country this weekend, lets also celebrate the fantastic racing we see each and every day at PBKC.  Handles continue to go up, social media feeds are swamped with excitement about this track and the sport is prospering because of it.  Race on!

Lets take a look at the top stories we saw from the previous week at "The Beach."

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Whirlin Toodlelu Continues Her Amazing Season

I'm such a huge fan of this greyhound.

Whirlin Toodlelu from the Douglas Kennel is just pure fun.  She puts her heart and soul into every race she starts and the entertainment of watching her is incredible.  "Toodles" put on a smoke show again this week, as she set a match on the Royal Palm Course with a 29.22 secs breezer in Friday's Matinee.  This tied for the 5th fastest split on the season, which is very difficult to do this late in the racing campaign with all of the races that have been run.

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At only two and a half years old, she could possibly make a run at a few stakes titles next season with all of the experience she already has under her belt.  Easily one of the most popular athletes in the game, her recent race has accumulated over 1,200 views on my Facebook site over the weekend.

With me pushing 40, my lingo with the kids these days is a little off.  So when I saw the chart writer put down next to Toodles' results that she went HAM after this race, I had to look it up.  Worth the read if you don't know what it means like I didn't at first.

Replay of Toodles victory:

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Greyhound Royalty Ties The Knot

A match made in greyhound heaven.

The masses flocked to Claflin, Kansas over the weekend to watch two of the biggest names in greyhound racing say their I do's.

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Monte Jacobs and Crystal Carroll officially became one on Saturday, as they were married in Monte's hometown.  Jacobs is best known for owning superstars at Palm Beach like Fraulein Morgan (pictured) Kinda Cruel Red and Marge In Charge who run in Carroll's Kennel that her family owns. Crystal and her family are an absolute powerhouse in the game, with racing running in their blood for the last three generations. All-Americans, stakes titles and even a Hall of Famer have made the Carroll name synonymous with greatness.

These are two of my favorite people in the industry, with both having been a huge help in supporting our coverage of Palm Beach.  They also happen to have many of the coolest hounds on the planet running for them.  Congrats Monte and Crystal and here's to many more years of happiness, love and fast as hell greyhounds coming from you two!

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The Big Bang Making His Way Back

One powerful black greyhound is getting ready for his anticipated return.

Barts Big Bang from the Douglas Kennel came back from a six week rest up on Sunday as he schooled in the morning.  He finished third in a three dog race, but the point that he is working on returning soon is the big story.  Big Bang has consistently been in our Top 10 throughout the year, with his blistering splits and 20 victories on the season.

Look for this superstar to return to regular racing within the next few weeks.

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Another blanket is up for grabs on Monday, as the annual Rooney's Veterans & Civilians Award Feature happens on this holiday.  Here's the field:

1. Bad Rumor ~ Douglas Kennel

2. Mohican Near Mad  ~ Rader Racing

3. Atascocita Happy  ~ Suncoast Racing

4. SG Bob Clemente  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

5. BlackJack Rolo ~ Douglas Kennel

6. Nb's Stallion ~ Royal Racing Team

7. Amf Sweet Pete  ~ B & B Racing

8. Exiles Dream ~ Ryan Racing

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Picks 1-7-8-5

None of these athletes have ever won a blanket in their careers in what should be a highly competitive race on Monday.  Last year in this showdown, little known at the time Sentinel from Ryan Racing took home the victory at 24-1 odds.

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That's all we have for this week.  We'll see you next time for the Wrap Up!