Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 5/22/2016

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Jason Michael

May 22nd, 2016

*JS SpeedyPebbles*

A major superstar retires. A long winning streak halted. The season wins chase remaining tight.

Palm Beach was once again full of intriguing stories this week. Lets dive into it!

JS SpeedyPebbles Retires

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After a long and star studded career, "The Queen of Palm Beach" JS SpeedyPebbles from owner Shannon Henry officially retired this past Friday.  The record breaking greyhound who won the 2013 Futurity Stakes Tournament & was a National Championship Finalist in 2015 quite possibly was the most popular greyhound athlete this sport had ever seen.

We will cover this story in much more detail later this week with our tribute article.  An amazing dog that won the hearts of fans from around the world that will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon.

Season Wins Chase

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*Ethel Is Here*

Updated Standings:

Ethel Is Here - 25 Wins

KB's Like A Fox - 25 Wins

Atascocita Camry - 24 Wins

Barts Dublin - 24 Wins

Superior Tyson - 23 Wins

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With only Superior Tyson from top Kennel B & B Racing winning this week, the chase for the Track Season Championship remains extremely tight.  With only 6 weeks left to decide the chase, which one of these greyhounds can catch fire at the perfect time? Each start for all these racers heading down the stretch will be crucial as any kind of losing streak could knock them out of the chase.

Continuing To "Go Big"

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The hottest greyhound in South FLA Go Big Or Go Home continued his smokin return to Palm Beach in Saturday's Matinee finale by destroying the Grade A field in a time of 29.28 secs.  The young gun from the Janie Carroll Kennel has now ripped off 6 straight wins between Hollywood and Palm Beach and looks to be unstoppable.  "Bart" will start to face stronger competition in the next few months here, but right now he can make a case for being the top ranked greyhound around.

Replay of "Go Big Or GoHome's victory Saturday: http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gPB%2420160521A15

Camry's Streak Halted

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After 7 straight winning starts, Atascocita Camry from Suncoast Racing was defeated not once but twice this past week.  Camry took her usual huge lead in both contests but was run down by Fraulein Morgan in Tuesday's Matinee and Omega Point Saturday. With track record holder Ethel Is Here returning and Camry's early speed starting to not look as strong, she may find victories in the last 6 weeks of the season hard to come by.

Camry has shown brilliance in the 545 and 660 yard courses with her blazing early speed.  Is it possible the nearly 3 year old could be a future super sprinter in the 301 yard?  She would be the most versatile racer I've ever seen if she was able to pull that off.

Great run by Camry the last two months with her winning streak.

Huge Handles For Preakness Weekend

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The juggernaut that is the Palm Beach Kennel Club continued its national dominance this past weekend.  Crowds flocked to the corner of Belvedere and Congress Avenue to witness the Preakness on Saturday along with many of the biggest greyhound superstars South Florida has to offer all weekend long.

Palm Beach nearly surpassed the million dollar mark on Saturday by pulling in $998,000 in Handle for the Preakness.  In total, "The Beach" racked in over $2.3 million in wagers from Friday to Sunday.  That's getting it done.

Return Of The Party

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Janie Carroll's Team added more firepower to their squad on Sunday by returning Party of One to their lineup.  A fixture in our Top 10 Rankings last Summer/Fall schooled on Sunday in anticipation for his return sometime in the next week.  The Fathers Day Champ from last season just turned 3 years old and should find success yet again at his home track.  Watch out for "The Party" as we head into the summer racing schedule.

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That's all we have for this week.  We'll see you next Sunday for the Wrap-Up!